Anatomy of a Tweet – Case Study with MediaLeaders and The Palms Hotel

By Andy Au • 3 years ago • 6 Comments

The MediaLeaders founder, Josh Ochs collaborated with the HootSuite Enterprise team to execute a social marketing campaign designed to track a customer’s path from tweet to transaction for the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas.

The objective? Tie room bookings and transactions to specific social media actions — like tweets or Facebook posts — gathering metrics to allow the team to optimize their messaging and outreach tactics.

Find out how the Las Vegas resort, known for its celebrity clientele, executed their social media strategy and which HootSuite features they used in the process.

Anatomy of a Tweet ~ A HootSuite Case Study with @Palms International Versions
Anatomy of a Tweet – Case Study (Deutsch)

Author: Andy Au

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Elizabeth Appell
Elizabeth Appell

I'm very interested in what you accomplished, but the type is so small I can't read it!

Jordan Behan
Jordan Behan

Hi Elizabeth,

Rather than try to read the small type on this page, you can click through to the actual Slideshare file (click the blue headline above the slides).

Or if you prefer to stay on this page, use the little magnifying glass with a "+" on it (several clicks, if needed) and it will zoom in on the text. It's a high resolution document, so as you get "closer," the resolution will seem clearer. Hope this helps!

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