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How Collaborative Organizations Can Make the World a Better Place

Enterprise 2.0. The Social Enterprise. Emergent Collaborative Software. Enterprise Social Software.

Vendor speak. Boring. Confusing. Meaningless?

We’ve seen the talks, the tweets, the clever diagrams and long heralded the arrival of a next generation of filing cabinets, shoephones and smoke signals that are finally going to bring our disparate troops together behind a single cause. Turns out that there’s a common thread in the failure of these situations—we’ve been starting with the solution, not the problem.

Not to worry. There’s a book that offers valuable insight into the situation. And who better to review it?

HootSuite’s VP Marketing, Ben Watson, on Jacob Morgan‘s recently released bestseller, The Collaborative Organization: A Strategic Guide to Solving Your Internal Business Challenges Using Emerging Social and Collaborative Tools:

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Work Culture Transformation In Progress – HootSuite jumps in the #TChat with TalentCulture

On September 20th, our own Director of Human Resources, Ambrosia Humphrey, co-hosted a #TChat with TalentCulture on the social workplace and gathered some great insights and thinking from the Twitter-sphere. We in turn, gathered some of those into a Storify that helps thread the conversation around the 5 key questions she asked. The conversation is

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