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In this four-part Social Insights series we sit down with Brian Solis, principal analyst at Altimeter Group and best-selling author, to discuss the most important trends happening in the world of social business.

In the third instalment of our interview with Brian Solis, we learn what his vision is for the future of work, and what expertise businesses will need in order to harness the full potential of channels like social media.

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Claudia Gamboa
Claudia Gamboa 5pts

Excellent video and great insights! Totally agree with Brian Solis, we need to listen, learn and engage with our client/customer constantly. I believe the power of social media is that we have the opportunity to turn bad experiences into great ones if we are listening to what people is talking about your product or service. Also, I think most people dislike when you are selling something on social media, so the key here for sales people or in general for community managers is to learn about our users behaviour and find the right moment to solve their problems. So much to talk about this subject! Keep up the good work :) 

Howie Goldfarb
Howie Goldfarb 5pts

Sorry but Social Business is the biggest fraud going on right now. All businesses are social. And the angle Brian and Altimeter and many others take only works for a very small segment of businesses. I have blogged about this extensively. If you want to have a healthy debate instead of being a cheerleader/fanboy like Mashable is that would be great. And would make Hootsuite a thought leader vs a bandwagon player..

JC Giraldo
JC Giraldo 5pts

Simple like that , People have to be Proactive in Customer Service !! Positive Experiences!!

evanlepage moderator 5pts

@Howie Goldfarb Hi Howie. Thanks for your comment. All businesses are social, but not all businesses are social businesses. For countless companies social media is still siloed in marketing. This series is about bringing the advantages of social media into every department. That said, we're very open to debate, which is why we approve and address both positive and negative comments. Would love to hear more of your thoughts. - Evan