Case Study: Preparing your Governmental Social Media Strategy for a Disaster, Before it Happens

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Case Study

If you’re a member of a government agency, a public utility, or private enterprise looking to improve their emergency response system using social media, the HootSuite dashboard is the perfect solution.

HootSuite recently helped a large electric utility company integrate social media into their emergency response strategy. Using a 2-hour storm simulation, called “Storm Owly,” HootSuite Professional Services walked the company through HootSuite dashboard features such as scheduling, messaging assignments,  geo-targeting and more.

Prepare for disaster outreach with a Crisis Simulation led by HootSuite Professional Services. Contact the HootSuite Enterprise team to learn how to apply.

Are You Prepared?

Not just for utility and government bodies, HootSuite’s value in emergency situation extends to private enterprises as well. The functionalities built into the dashboard speed up and simplify the social messaging process during social media conundrums, PR crisises and more.

Read the case study for an analysis of “Storm Owly,” including simulation objectives, recommended tools and insight into the results.

To set up a Crisis Simulation for your organization, contact the HootSuite Enterprise team:

Contact HootSuite Enterprise

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