#HootTip ~ Use HootSuite’s HootFeed to Display Social Messages at Events

By Sam Milbrath | 2 years ago | No Comments

Ever been to an event or conference where you wish the audience could be more interactive? Today, attendees at all kinds of events are bound to Tweet. What if you could capture those Tweets by searching related keywords, #hashtags and @mentions and projecting them in a real-time stream across your entire event?

Meet HootFeed. This customizable full-screen Twitter feed is built for live events and digital displays. Showcase your audience’s Tweets on the mainstage or have them on LCD screens scattered throughout your event. HootFeed is free, customizable and easy-to-use.

HootFeed is browser based with no installation required and only takes a few minutes to set up. All you need is wifi, an email address, whatever video set-up you’d prefer… and an audience.

A Two Minute HootFeed How-To

  • Go to hootsuite.com/hootfeed

  • Sign up with your email address.

  • Enter one or more search terms you want to see featured on your live feed. For example, #EventName

  • Turn the profanity filter on if you’re live streaming the feed at your event!

  • If you’d like, you can customize the HootFeed with your company name, logo and choice of colors. Just slide the customize button to ON and those options will automatically drop-down.

  • Preview your layout and tweak until perfection. Press LAUNCH, and voila!

  • Authorize HootFeed to use your Twitter account. Enter your username or email and password and click Authorize app.
  • Maximize your display by adjusting your web browser to full screen. The feed will automatically refresh every 7 seconds. Let the interaction begin!

Customizing your HootFeed
Customizing your HootFeed

Here’s a fun tip: We display HootSuite-related Tweets in a daily, live HootFeed on LCD screens around the office. This is another great use of HootFeed. Simply add your company name, search related hashtags and keywords and follow the conversations live, right from your desk.

Note: Want to stream the same HootFeed over multiple screens so that everyone sees the same feed? Copy the owl.y link on the top right hand of the streaming HootFeed to view it on other browsers or screens.

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dennis brown
dennis brown 5pts

Hey Sam, hope you can help - we're trying to get this set-up but without any luck; we get to the 'Launch' stage and the new page launches with the hootfeed showing (though it didn't ask us to authorise it initially), but even if we then tweet using one or more of the search terms, we're still left with a very blank feed (see attached).

Are we doing something wrong?

Many thanks,


PS Can we make the font-size smaller where it lists the search terms?

arjan 5pts

Can i set how many massages are showing?

Hootsuite_Help_Desk moderator 5pts

Hello there,

Thanks for reaching out to us! My name is Paige from the Vancouver Team.

We'd like to get more information regarding this question for us to best help. Can you please send us a tweet with more information at @HootSuite_Help for us to get back in touch with you quickly?

Thank you very much! We look forward to hearing from you there.

Best regards,

Paige @HootSuite_Help - http://hootsuite.com/help

Bingo 5pts


We are looking to use the hootsuite twitter feed to display at our next trade show.  The only concern we have is how one displays the feed to a larger display without actually being connected by cord. Have you seen a work around?