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Building on the App Directory’s recent momentum, we’re pleased to introduce an update to one of our first integrationsGet Satisfaction.

The Get Satisfaction app is newly refreshed with plugin capabilities in addition to the existing stream-based features. Users now have the ability to create Get Satisfaction community topics from individual Twitter and Facebook updates as well as search Get Satisfaction community content.

The Get Satisfaction app for HootSuite is free to all HootSuite users. Log in to HootSuite and click below to get started:

Visit the App Directory

Get Satisfaction is a simple way to build online communities by transforming social media interactions into meaningful and productive conversations between companies and their customers. More than 40,000 companies use the customer engagement platform to build better products, improve customer loyalty and enhance customer service.

To help you get started we’re also hosting a webinar about Community and Customer Service with Sharad Mohan, Director of Customer Success at HootSuite, and Caty Kobe, Community, Support & Education Manager at Get Satisfaction.

Get Satisfied

The Get Satisfaction app for HootSuite now includes both stream-based and plugin-based features. In contrast to existing stream-based App Directory tools, Plugins enable users to send social media content (posts from Twitter and Facebook streams) to external, 3rd-party applications.

The Get Satisfaction Plugin provides users with the ability to transform individual Twitter and Facebook updates into Get Satisfaction topics. For example, a Community Manager can take social content about an idea for a product improvement and send that idea to their Get Satisfaction community. The community manager can then use the Get Satisfaction community as a sounding board for new ideas. This can be done for any Get Satisfaction topic –  Ideas, Praise, Problems, Questions, and Updates.

The app is also able to find out and notify if the topic being created already exists within the user’s Get Satisfaction community – allowing users to build on the existing discussion or start a new topic fresh with the selected Twitter or Facebook content.

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Key Features

  • Share topics to your social networks
  • View topics and post replies in your communities
  • Filter topics – by Ideas, Praise, Problems, Questions, and Updates
  • Answer questions from Twitter and Facebook streams with community content
  • Generate new topics and replies from questions found in Twitter and Facebook streams
  • Easy navigation to community management pages

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To begin installing Get Satisfaction, log in to HootSuite and click below:

Visit the App Directory

Join Our Webinar

Customer Service is social. How is your organization using it to enhance your customers’ experience? HootSuite is hosting a webinar that will examine the similarities and differences between Community and Customer Service, and offer tips and tricks for how they can work together to achieve joint business goals. Presented by Sharad Mohan, Director of Customer Success at HootSuite, and Caty Kobe, Community, Support & Education Manager at Get Satisfaction. watchitnow-btn

Help Us, Help You

It has been a busy month for the HootSuite App Directory with the addition of Zendesk, Evernote and Storify Plugins as well as the Yammer integration.

HootSuite’s Get Satisfaction integration uses both stream-based and plugin-based functionalities. To help you better understand the difference, HootSuite University put together a helpful video illustrating the difference between streams and plugins as well as how to install App Directory tools:

HootSuite is committed to providing one secure social media management dashboard for all users to streamline online communication, content and multimedia. Your feedback helps guide our product design and roadmap. Let us know what you think of this upgrade on our App Directory Feedback Channel.

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