Case Study: Morris County, NJ – Integrating Social Media Into Governmental Emergency Response

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Aerial photos of New Jersey coastline in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy [Image 15 of 19]
Aerial photo of New Jersey coastline in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, by Master Sgt. Mark Olsen of the US Air Force
Case Study

In October of 2012, the North-East coast of the United-States was hit by Hurricane Sandy, a storm of record size that brought mass flooding and devastation to multiple states. New Jersey was hit worse than any other state, but Morris County, New Jersey was prepared.

Their preparation and effective emergency response was due in part to the incorporation of social media posting. The county used HootSuite to disseminate government information and respond to citizen questions when traditional forms of communication were taken out by the storm.

We’ve collaborated with Morris County on a case study exploring how they used HootSuite during Hurricane Sandy to the benefit of the general public. Download it today!

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Pang Her
Pang Her 5pts

Thanks for featuring the importance of utilizing social media during a devastating event. When a natural disaster strikes, most times the only form of communication is the city’s website. We at CivicPlus offer our government clients a multi-platform solution, Alert Center, to help keep the public informed. With this tool, officials can post alerts onto their government website, which will also post to social media platforms and deliver email or text message alerts to residents. Check out our case study about how Maui County, Hawaii used Alert Center to keep their residents informed when tsunami waves headed toward the island.

John Cosstick
John Cosstick 5pts

Hi, social media use in Australia for emergency alerts is coming to the fore. Here is a link to an article where our Country Fire Authority has designated social media officers to use Facebook and Twitter to manage bushfire alerts and community feedback. They are actively using Facebook as I write I don't know whether Hootsuite is used, but social media has a critical role to play.


John Cosstick. Victoria. Australia.

Bonnie Lawson Brown (Silver IMP system)
Bonnie Lawson Brown (Silver IMP system) 5pts

H Hootsuite, my Silver IMP System would have spread the alert using Goverment/public buildings to transmit emergency 'IMPs'(instant media promotions) to passing public mobile devices via an app. The message (IMP) is then shared to Social media sites gaining an instant mass audience of alerted individuals.

It is instant, has impact and can be shared too!

Want know more get in touch please, 'potentially a life saving app and system'