HootSource TV: Social Media Coach, AutoSchedule, HootSuite London and More!

By Andy Au | 3 years ago | 5 Comments

Tune in to more HootSource TV! These short webisodes are hosted by Tasia Custode, and cover the latest news at HootSuite and emerging social media trends.

Did you catch the last episode?

Social Media Coach, AutoSchedule, HootSuite London and More!

In this episode, HootSource TV will take a peek into:

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Tom Brodbeck
Tom Brodbeck 5pts

I have really enjoyed the Auto Schedule feature. How is the timing of the messages calculated? I have noticed that most of the different media outlets appear at different times.

Aaron 5pts

Did AutoSchedule disappear? Worked well the few times I tried it so I wanted it to be a default option that I would only de-select occasionally. (mostly for RTs if I'm having an active conversation).

Andy Au
Andy Au 5pts

Hi Aaron,

Glad to hear you're finding success with it. If you're having technical issues, contact our Help Desk.

Aaron 5pts

Indeed. I found it via the Hootlet bookmark bar thing but not in the dashboard posting.

All's good. :)