HootSuite now integrates with Toucan, the official Twitter application for Salesforce CRM.

HootSuite users can now import all their profiles into Toucan, thereby fusing the powerful features both platforms offer. With Toucan and HootSuite, you can generate leads and contacts from Twitter followers, communicate with sales prospects via Twitter, and respond to Salesforce support cases through tweets. Together, Toucan and HootSuite users will also have access to advanced statistics from the ow.ly URL shortener thereby delivering quantifiable return on investment (ROI) for social networks integrated within Salesforce.

This union proves that birds of a feather really do flock together. Ca-caw.

You can read more about the merry union here.

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Surrey Web Design
Surrey Web Design 5pts

Excellent, hootsuite is a fantastic application where we can manage our social profiles. Now, it becomes pretty easier to shift between multiple profiles.

apj digital
apj digital 5pts

Looks great although hootsuite would be much better if we could group clients accounts together within the admin panel.

Bilal 5pts

I really like your payment plan, although my team is new to hootsuite but i hope it will turn out prudentially.

Phillip Monk
Phillip Monk 5pts

I here Toucan is working very well, however bit frustrated I can't seem to find any valuable feedback above in these comments. I also checked a few things out and not many of the people above are using this tool??? Can anybody share some real comments on Toucan.

Fulcrum Media
Fulcrum Media 5pts

I couldn't live without hootsuite! All my social networks roled into one. I always recommend it to my clients! Tweeting - inkedin and even Facebook are important tools in brand awareness and helping "get clicked on"

Michael Crusham
Michael Crusham 5pts

Hootsuite has revolutionised the way our blogging works, every story we post is uploaded straight to our Facebook page and Twitter account which we find extremely useful.

Setting up a Business UK
Setting up a Business UK 5pts

We have used this for our business for a long time, great product. We always suggest this to any business that wants to get social.

Online Pet Shop
Online Pet Shop 5pts

Just started using Hootsuite for our online pet shop, and great stuff and really impressed.

Mint Online Marketing Agency
Mint Online Marketing Agency 5pts

I also use Nimble - I have not tried Toucan / Salesforce, but really like the concept of a 'Social CRM'.

It becomes really very messy to communicate from different tabs / places - so pulling it all into Nimble really just makes sense - and definitely makes life easier, if you do use social media for direct sales and marketing.

Costa Blanca Golf Tours
Costa Blanca Golf Tours 5pts

Interesting, we use hootsuite to push out all of our social updates - can this be used on any other CRM system?

MF media
MF media 5pts

This is great, we love hootsuite but integrating with toucan/saleforce should make tracking a load easier!

SEO Warrington
SEO Warrington 5pts

Excellent product, always on the lookout for tools to make my job easier.

North East SEO
North East SEO 5pts

Its a great piece of software, very effective and we appreciate how much time it saves our company.

Dave 5pts

This could be very helpful for those who use Hootsuite such as companies like ours. Thanks for the information this means I can do more now when using hootsuite

Adam Beaumont
Adam Beaumont 5pts

Excellent Product. Been recommended to use hootsuite from some of our SEO guys and the fact we use toucan makes it better.

Ticket Yoda
Ticket Yoda 5pts

Going to give this a go and leave some feedback. We already use Toucan so this should make our work easy.

Edwin Cooke
Edwin Cooke 5pts

This is a great product and will be great going forward. I going to use it myself.

EchoBlue Internet Marketing
EchoBlue Internet Marketing 5pts

We've been using Hootsuite for a couple of months now - excellent multi-account management capabilities. Being able to monitor activity on different social sites (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) on one interface is great!

Emma Barnes
Emma Barnes 5pts

I am new to Hootsuite- a client advised me of what you. Excited to get started! Sounds like a great service.



Upsearch Digital
Upsearch Digital 5pts

Salesforce was blatantly ahead of its time, makes sense of it being bought by IBM.

Up Search
Up Search 5pts

Old thread, Looks like sales force had their heads screwed on years ago. Makes a bit more sense of their recent acquisition by IBM FOR OVER 1 billion dollars.

Haven't come across a company that use it to its fullest.

SEO Manchester
SEO Manchester 5pts

I agree with these comments this is one of the most effect time management pieces of software

BM&Co Web
BM&Co Web 5pts

Tried using Hootsuite back in 09, then TweetDeck but getting back in to HootSuite but SalesForce CRM? Oh please.

Digital Marketing Agecy
Digital Marketing Agecy 5pts

We use salesforce CRM religiously for all internal duties, this has been a breath of fresh air and great for client interaction

Web optimisation
Web optimisation 5pts


I need to understand a bit better, how do l get the best of this

Steve Buckley

Head of SEO

Website Optimization Company LTD

Four Seasons Joinery
Four Seasons Joinery 5pts

I have just started all this social media malarky for my joinery firm and I'm finding this a really big help. Thanks and keep the good work coming!

Phillip 5pts

Its a great piece of software, i love how much time it saves me

thank you

MonkeyFishMarketing 5pts

Our company is new to hootsuite. We have big hopes for our clients and will defo give feedback to your team soon. First signs are fantastic product well done.

Phillip Monk

Operations Director


Nancy Jacobs
Nancy Jacobs 5pts

We integrated ToucanCRM into Salesforce and we are able to measure ROI.

playgirlteddy 5pts

so what should i do to get some people to reply to my tweets

Andy Au
Andy Au 5pts


We've also integrated Nimble. You can read about the integration here.

Dave Olson
Dave Olson 5pts

This is old news BM&Co and this tool is no longer supported. Thanks for your feedback.