HootSuite Conversations, The Internal Communication Tool

By Hootsuite

12 October 2012Social0 Comments


HootSuite Conversations is an internal collaboration tool built in the HootSuite social media management system that empowers teams to listen to, discuss and collaborate around selected social media messages using real-time conversation threads.

  • Simplify Communication: Converse, collaborate and share social messaging with anyone you work with — all without time-consuming emails. Send social messages to internal conversations for teams to see. Teams can then discuss response strategies, communicate approved messaging and encourage others to broadcast across their own social networks by commenting, re-tweeting, or posting to other social networks.
  • Collaborate With Everyone: Add anyone to your conversation for free to discuss social messages and receive approved messaging. Communicate with your team, department or entire organization, without leaving the HootSuite dashboard. Adding collaborators is easy because the tool allows you to import contacts from Gmail or Yahoo! address books, and recognizes your colleagues online.

Find out more at hootsuite.com/features/conversations

Creative Direction: HootSuite – hootsuite.com/
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Production/Animation: Gámomo Creative Lab – behance.net/gamomo

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