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By Sam Milbrath • 2 years ago • 5 Comments

Join HootSuite Enterprise for our HootSuite for Agencies webinar to discover how your agency can develop a more effective social media strategy. Hosted by our Sales Engineer and Product Specialist, Kemp Edmonds, we’ve added this webinar to a Social for Agencies Kit. Download your kit today by clicking the button below! watchitnow-btn

Kemp Edmonds Headshot
Your Host, Kemp Edmonds

Whether your agency specializes in advertising, marketing, social media or digital, this webinar will help improve your agency’s social strategy. By exploring past social media management examples shared with HootSuite by a variety of agencies, gain insight on how to streamline workflow, optimize social efforts and improve your social engagement.

In this webinar, discover how your agency can:

  • Utilize and optimize HootSuite Enterprise for your needs.
  • Create, manage and improve custom workflow with HootSuite
    organizational structures.
  • Integrate clients into HootSuite for collaboration and easy communication.
  • Automate reports for your relevant audience.

Register today to explore how your agency can effectively manage social initiatives and focus on developing improved strategies for your clients.

Author: Sam Milbrath

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I am getting the following error on the GoToMeeting screen when I attempt to register:

Error Id: -2018105804

Anything I am doing wrong?


This webinar seems very promising.


I use a number of tools, but feel like I may be missing some of the newer functionality of Hootsuite.

Andy Au
Andy Au

Hi Brett,

Are you getting this error before you register or after you're done inputting your info? Try resetting the cache on your browser and registering again.

Kemp Edmonds
Kemp Edmonds

Hi Betty,

Excited to demonstrate a lot of the new functionality while sharing how our clients are using existing functionality.

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