Chop your WordPress blogging time in half

A new year means new features! First up? We’ve added support for WordPress blogs. As with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, you can schedule and cross-post content to multiple WordPress accounts. There is also a Home Feed for blogs you are following, as well as the ability to reblog posts you think are noteworthy. WordPress is the first blog platform officially supported by HootSuite, and we are very excited about the addition of this brand new feature. Initial support is for blogs hosted on, but support for self-hosted WordPress blogs is on the horizon.

Trending Topics Demystified

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why is that topic trending?!” We have — which is why we now offer explanations for why particular topics trend. Our iPhone app users have already been enjoying this feature; now our web users can check it out too. From now on, you can demystify the trending topics with the simple click of a button. (Move your cursor into the Search field to see the trending topics, and then hit the question mark.)

Link & Media Previews

We’ve also added the ability to preview URLs, so you can easily see what media is being shared. Preview your URLs, as well as most popular shortened URLs, including image-sharing sites like twitpic and, YouTube videos, and more. The media preview feature has the added benefit of making your web surfing experience safer, by allowing you to see what you’re clicking on before you do so.



Auto-load more tweets

By popular request, we’ve also eliminated the need to click “More” to view more tweets. HootSuite now automatically loads more tweets when you scroll down to the base of a column. This works for any column, from your DM inbox to your Facebook home feed.

Check out the apps and plug-in directory

Take HootSuite to the next level with value-packed applications and plug-ins. Options for iPhone, Firefox, Chrome, Prism, Fluid and more. Check it out here.

HootSuite continues to evolve as a social media dashboard, and we promise to continue innovating with exciting new features.

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AdamJohnson3 5pts

I'm creating a Wordpress website for a customer at the moment.  They have just asked me the following question.  "Is it possible to display my Hootsuite data on my website?"

So in more detail.  They want to post something to Facebook, which will then appear in their Hootsuite feed and then they want that data displayed on their website.

I can easily get the Facebook data directly myself and skip Hootsuite if the Facebook data comes from a Facebook Page or Group.  I can't however get that Facebook data if it comes from a Facebook profile.

From what I've read already I don't think that will be possible, but maybe it is?  Or is the solution to get Hootsuite to re-post the Facebook post to a Wordpress post? Is that possible?

Hootsuite_Help_Desk moderator 5pts


Great question! I believe this is something like a Newsfeed embedded in your Wordpress blog.

As it turns out, we're not supporting this feature from Hootsuite yet, but you'll be able to update Facebook post along with your Wordpress blog at the same time.

I hope this offers a bit of clarity. If you have any further questions, please reach out to us at @Hootsuite_help.

Mika | Customer Advocate |

Kathleen Marie
Kathleen Marie 5pts

Just downloaded and started using HootSuite - seems great so far, but my website is a wordpress blog (or rather, it's driven by wordpress) but I don't have a account.

Should I?

How do I get HootSuite to post to my website?

ghế phòng họp
ghế phòng họp 5pts

Im using blog. But I have a problem for WordPess. I dont change title on tag H1

ghe van phong
ghe van phong 5pts

Now that is very, very cool!! I Can always use better and more efficient blogging tools!

so cool!

Thiet ke noi that
Thiet ke noi that 5pts

Great new features – also really enjoying using the Hootlet Widget. Thank you!

I really like it.

Dave Olson
Dave Olson 5pts

Alas, it's no longer on the horizon due to API issues with self-hosted. We are working on other ideas and now have a HootSuite API allowing 3rd party devs to build into HootSuite.

Phai dep
Phai dep 5pts

Drives me nuts that the HootSuite web app and iPhone app still do not remember where you left off reading.

Genevieve 5pts

"support for self-hosted WordPress blogs is on the horizon." How are we doing with that now (Sept. 8, 2010)?

Viec lam
Viec lam 5pts

Love the URL preview + feature --> thanks

Create Wealth
Create Wealth 5pts

2 of my alltime favourite social media tools, working together :) fantastic news!

Jason Seabolt
Jason Seabolt 5pts

There is self hosted Wordpress plugin I would love to see. I currently use WP to Twitter to update twitter of new posts, etc.. I also use integrated into that plugin that allows for url shortening plus stats tracking. Hootsuite has this capability with I would love a Hootsuite Wordpress plugin to auto update twitter accounts and use for url shortening and tracking in the Hootsuite stats.

Patricia D.
Patricia D. 5pts

I dont know how to use this

E'Anne Frye
E'Anne Frye 5pts

I love Hootsuite for Twitter. I still have lots to learn about WordPress and Twitter, but I'm excited to know that Hootsuite is here for me.

Jeff 5pts

So exactly how far down the horizon is support for self hosted Wordpress sites?

Give me the means to update Twitter, Facebook and Wordpress sites all from the same window and I am yours forever.

Support for self hosted WordPress is huge for businesses. I have clients whose sites were built on WordPress. Obviously they don't host on If you want businesses to use Hootsuite this should be prioritized ahead of, say, support for blogs on Blogger or Tumblr.

Bhanu Gupta
Bhanu Gupta 5pts

interesting features more friendly to use

Noi that Hoa Phat
Noi that Hoa Phat 5pts

Drives me nuts that the HootSuite web app and iPhone app still do not remember where you left off reading.

Linda Sherman
Linda Sherman 5pts

Love the URL preview + feature. Nicely done. It doesn't include the metric number of times clicked that TweetDeck does - but it looks great. Thank you for providing this for my newbie clients. Now I can tell them to check any link before they click on it so that they don't hit a virus.

CJ 5pts

"now our web users can check it out too. From now on, you can demystify the trending topics with the simple click of a button."

A simple click of WHICH button??? or is it a secret?


Migani 5pts

I love this new feature but it doesn’t appear to work for those of us who are hosting our own word press blog. Maybe this functionality will be added in the future.

Shane 5pts

Now that is very, very cool!! I Can always use better and more efficient blogging tools!!

Mark Jaquith
Mark Jaquith 5pts

You should replace all instances of "WordPress" with "," as it isn't at all clear that it only works for — you're likely to get a lot of WordPress users entering their username and password and wondering why it doesn't work.

Piedra 5pts

great news,I liked it.

Marko 5pts

I guess the feature is cool...but surely it's the self hosted blogs (people that have been blogging for years and have more technical insight) that will use this feature WAY WAY more.

Should have been released for THESE self hosted blogs first as THEY are the early adopters. (my 2 cents) This is an amazing feature for people (like me) that want to use it, know how to use, know how to spread the word... Better hope another application doesn't come out first...

gwatzlawek 5pts

All of this wonderful stuff is not working in Germany yet, or is it?

Opawtech 5pts

yet another nice amazing tool for bloggers and people who use wordpress and twitter to advertise their articles

Heather  Hapeta
Heather Hapeta 5pts

great news for me as a hootsuite user . will go adfd aa column NOW, i'm there as kiwitravwriter ..

Nischal Shetty
Nischal Shetty 5pts

You should probably open up your API to third party devs too!

Roger 5pts

New blogger features working great. Brilliant work!

All we need now is a Windows Mobile Hootsuite app. ;-)

John 5pts

@Hootsuite. I love the previews but will that take away from clicks? Possibly with the pics.

Mandi Engram
Mandi Engram 5pts

I use the new app on my iPod, but our work phones are with Sprint so I just got an android phone and would LOVE to see an android app like the iPhone one. It rocks!! Best app EVER! Any plans for this?

Encryption 5pts

I've been using Hootesuite for some time now and absolutely love it. Gonna try out the WP add on and see how that works.


GaryP 5pts

Will the wordpress updates be limited to 140 characters like the facebook updates are?

Sarah 5pts

Can't wait to see blogger involvement in this.


Scott 5pts


Nevermind. It WAS starting me right in the face. The spyglass in the search box. Duh!

Scott 5pts

I must be missing something. Where are we able to aggregate trending topics? Was trying to make that a column, but can't find that option anywhere. I know it must be staring me right in the face mocking me.

A little help please?

Ron Kats
Ron Kats 5pts

Very very cool indeed, just started an public wave for HootSuite. Search for: "title:hootsuite wave with:public" in google wave.

Henriel 5pts

Wow man...

Firstly, the link and media previews rocked my world today :) Absolutely LOVE it.

And then, I only discovered the other awesome new feature when I read about it here - auto-load more tweets. You guys rock. Hootsuite should just be the standard interface for Twitter, because Twitter without Hootsuite would be horrible.