Social Media “helps give people voices.” ~ HootSuite’s Greg Gunn on Fox News

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HootSuite VP of Business Development Greg Gunn on Fox News with
HootSuite VP of Business Development Greg Gunn on Fox News with Stuart Varney

Can Facebook free people? Or does it make them hostage to their social profile?

HootSuite’s VP of Business Development Greg Gunn had the opportunity to address the question during a recent appearance on Fox News with Stuart Varney. His answer: it absolutely can, and does, free people.

HootSuite was widely used during the revolution in Egypt when both Twitter and Facebook were blocked by the government. Now Facebook and other social networks are being used to spread images and stories that strengthen support for protests in the Ukraine and Venezuela.

“The decentralized media that Facebook represents helps give other people voices where previously they had none,” Gunn says, and Varney agreed. While news outlets like Varney’s own Fox News cover events like those happening in Ukraine, it’s the stories and images being circulated on social media that often attract global attention and support to these causes.

View the full interview with Gunn right here.

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Social media does help to voice out whatever there is to say. Most people in power won't really care. If one starts to break things out through the social media, usually, other people with the same sentiment follow suit. And the scope that it can reach is really wide. It's pretty much powerful.