Mindy Huls
Mindy Huls 5pts

HootSuite!! You have made it soooo much easier to manage all of the social media I am blogging on! Thank you to whoever suggested this site.

Merry Christmas to all of you at HootSuite!

Mindy Huls Exit Huls Realty

Chris Foster
Chris Foster 5pts

Worked well on my iPhone when installed

Now just comes up with a blank screen

Any thoughts!

Chris 5pts

I have had extremely good success with HootSuite. I find the interface to be easy and responsive. I do wish, however, that more panels could be displayed on each tab as most widescreen monitors can easily accommodate more.

Brenda 5pts

I have had more issues with HooteSuite than you can begin to imagine. I began using it back in spring of last year. I use it for twitter, as well as two Facebook pages. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, made every attempt to connect with FB pages that are humanly possible. I've even attempted hooking up with the google blog.

I use this for business; and when I can't post to my FB business page, and I have to schedule each Twitter posting individually, I find it's becoming more trouble than it's worth. I own and manage my own business and don't have time to spend on these issues over and over again.

HootSuite may be number one for many; but I am quickly becoming frustrated. And I am a very patient person.

HootSuite? I have politely asked several times with help with these issues; and have received no replies. So I'm hoping that if I post this in a public forum; if you don't respond perhaps someone else will. Meanwhile; I'll be looking into other options. Especially as when I signed up; the account was free, you're now wanting to charge, and I have issues you'll not respond to.


Brenda Hooser

Dave Olson
Dave Olson 5pts

Hello Brenda – we hear your frustrations and assure you we take all feedback and help requests seriously.

Sometimes there are problems with Facebook's API which cause troubles posting to FB Pages - when these situations arise, we are sure to post alerts on the help desk. We realize Facebook Pages are important to your business but can assure you that most all customers are posting with hindrance. Please keep an eye on the troubleshooting tips we post on the Help Desk.

Not sure what you mean about hooking up with the Google blog ... Do you mean connecting to Blogger? HootSuite does not support that service at this time.

Can you tell me which channels you used to ask for help? I didn't find any tickets or forum posts from you on the Help Desk and I want to ensure we are responding as per our internal processes.



e realize Facebook is important