HootSuite Wins Mashable’s 2009 Open Web Award

By Chris Trottier | 6 years ago | 23 Comments

The results are in! HootSuite has won Mashable’s 2009 Open Web Award for Best Twitter App. We’re incredibly honoured by the vote of confidence Twitter users have shown us through the OWAs.

This award is a crowning achievement that caps off a whirlwind year for us. HootSuite has also won Shorty and Canadian New Media Awards, and was selected as a finalist in the prestigious Groundswell Awards.

A year after launching, HootSuite has become the most used Twitter web client after Twitter itself. In November, HootSuite also added Facebook and LinkedIn functionality. This month, we’ve released our iPhone app to much fanfare. Through all this, our goal is to be your go-to professional social media dashboard.

Thank you to Mashable for hosting this award, to everybody who voted for us, and to users such as yourselves for inspiring us to make the Best Twitter App!

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Jessica Cluburlaub
Jessica Cluburlaub 5pts

I'm using Hootsuite since a while now and since I like it a lot I took a deeper look at the different awards. Great work guys, I hope your company will have a really successful future.

Ramit 5pts

Hootsuite, well deserved, keep up the great work.

teevee 5pts

I feel like such a proud user...sniffle

Piedra 5pts

Congratulations,excellent work!

Andrew V
Andrew V 5pts

Excellent work! Congratulations.

Carla 5pts

Happy New Year!

Congratulations to you all. You have a great service here. I knew that my Sorority mascot (the Owl) wouldn't let me down, lol!

Enjoy your new found notoriety!

Jeremy 5pts

Excellent work! You guys keep getting better, it's inspiring. Keep it up!

Mauritius 5pts

This sounds very encouraging & motivating. Wish you great success and keep on developing those nice applications. I will try you out right now! :)

Brian DeKoning
Brian DeKoning 5pts

I agree! I've abandoned Twhirl, Seesmic and Tweetdeck in favor of Hootsuite. It just does everything. Only other thing I'd like is more detailed stats. But Thanks for a great tool. You guys deserve this award.

Atila 5pts

I've voted many times! Glad you won, you are an awesome team offering the best Twitter app of them all!!! Congratulations!!


You actually are that good

Just as Hotmail changed email

Youtube and changed video on the web

ustream makes youtube look so 2006

Twitter signified Internet communication post 2005

Hootsuite signifies Twitter 3.0, the ustream of twitter clients

Just posting a tweet via twitter.com a.k.a the web is so 2008, you can't schedule. It looks like a boring static webpage. ("What are you doing now? >> Getting bored trying to Tweet the old way)

Hootsuite brings it (the twit) to life

I wish you the best but in America that means you'll probably be bought up by some biggger conglomerate

MSN >Hotmail Google > Youtube Fox > Myspace > imeem

Kathy Catoe
Kathy Catoe 5pts

Congratulations! You have a terrific product and you deserve the accolades!


Congratulations Hootsuite! You deserve the award.

I wrote a blog titled Integration:Internet-in-a Box. Your application brought my wildest imagination into reality.

Thanks guys!

mas73 5pts

Congrats HootSuite! Great app that keeps getting better, much success!

FlyLeo 5pts

Congrats! O voted for you, you deserve it.

wizdompath 5pts

congratz, but never forget that it takes a pro to cling on to the award year after year. so never stop innovating.

Tam 5pts

Congratulations Hoot Suite! You make a great Twitter software. You deserve the award :)