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When searching through social media content, it can be time consuming to look up a person’s full profile to learn more about them. Luckily, HootSuite makes this easy with the User Profile Pop-up – a quick way to see user information. To help get you acquainted with the dashboard’s functionality, we have a new #HootTip all about this handy HootSuite feature.

How to view the User Profile Pop-up

To find out more information about a user, just click on their social profile name within HootSuite. This will bring up the User Profile Pop-Up. Depending on what social network you are accessing, a window will pop up displaying different information about a user. For example, with Twitter you will see a user’s location, bio, follower count and Klout score, as well as several options to interact with them, and view their tweets.

Here’s How

  1. Click on a user’s social profile name from within the dashboard. hoottip-1

  2. This will bring up the user profile pop-up. The Bio tab is selected by default. This tab shows a user’s Klout score, follower count, number of updates, location, bio and website.

  3. The buttons at the bottom of the profile pop-up allow you to follow or unfollow the user, send a direct message, send a reply message, or add them to a list.

  4. hoottip-2Like many updates, we’ve added these handy features based on your helpful feedback. What’s your next idea? Let us know on our Feedback Channel. Also, keep an eye out for a new #HootTip each week – they’re short and sweet  so you can share your HootSuite expertise with your friends and followers.

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