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tracepoint logoThe HootSuite Owls are currently in Boston, MA for Inbound 2012, the world’s largest gathering of inbound marketers. The HootSuite sponsored event is in full swing with two more days of speakers, presentations, workshops and demos.

If you’re attending, be sure to check out the “Closed Loop Social with HootSuite and HubSpot” session presented by HootSuite’s Craig Ryomoto as well as the HootSuite nest – a lounge where you can rest your feet and chat up Owls.

rebecca landon

Following up on our interview with Ron Mattocks of LyntonWeb, HootSuite is pleased to profile another Pro Solution PartnerRebecca Landon, Client Services Director for Tracepoint. Tracepoint is a London B2B Marketing Agency for IT vendors and resellers specialising in lead generation & management, inbound marketing and marketing automation. You can find Rebecca and the Tracepoint team at Inbound 2012.


Describe what you do:
We enable customers to close the loop between marketing and sales. In support of wider campaigns, our inbound approach highlights the reasons why prospects should get in touch with our clients. At our core, we believe in measurable marketing and above all transparent pricing. With a team of in-house’ers, we really understand the importance of communication and treating our clients’ needs as our own.

Who influences you on social?
We take a lot of inspiration from the HubSpot signature style – a tone that is ‘chatty’ but ‘insightful’, providing industry knowledge that people are excited to share. We love blogs from search bigwigs like Google’s Avinash Kaushik on web analytics, the HubSpot blog for the ultimate on inbound 101 and also content marketing blogs like OMN (Online Marketing Network) for networking, sharing bright ideas and social media news.

Tell us about some trends or challenges you’re seeing around social media in your industry:
Unlike two years ago, we are sensing a real shared passion amongst our clients to utilise and better understand inbound marketing methods. In a time where web analytics are altering and buying habits respond much better to pull marketing as opposed to push, the need for companies to improve brand engagement is ever-present. As marketers from in-house backgrounds we enjoy tailoring our joined-up approach of inbound & outbound marketing to each individual client and implementing what works for them.

The challenges often faced by social media marketers tend to be around ownership: Who in the company is going to take on this large time commitment and learning curve? Or even, ‘who should we look to on-board for this area?’ Additionally there is the issue of sourcing inbound talent, however this is becoming less of an obstacle as marketers become more open and reliant on cost-effective inbound methods to generate leads.

What is your favorite HootSuite feature and why?
We don’t know why HootSuite and HubSpot didn’t think of this partnership sooner. An amazing collaboration from two key inbound market players. We love the fact that HootSuite centers itself around your HubSpot keywords. It allows us to focus on our search rankings in a real-time sense via platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, and also ties in with any ongoing campaigns.

How are you using HubSpot to drive lead generation?
Anyone who uses HubSpot knows what a slick end-user experience it provides. The ebooks distributed by HubSpots’ experts are a vital tool in all areas of inbound marketing, but instrumental to enhancing our knowledge on how to utilise HubSpot for lead generation. We love the capability to track your progress campaign-wide and produce comprehensive reports, which is imperative to us and to our clients. We’re always thinking of ways to make the most out of landing pages and optimise our site for search, so HubSpot’s analytic functions are essential for understanding online prospect behavior on our site and how directly end-user navigation experience can affect lead generation.

What are you looking forward to most at Inbound 2012?
We’re looking forward to meeting up again with our market-leading partner, HubSpot, especially hearing from author David Meerman Scott, and expertise from HubSpot’s original inbound evangelist, Laura Fitton. We’re anticipating some great input from the LinkedIn marketing team – such an essential tool for any marketing buff. Oh, and Cyndi Lauper of course!

Learn more about Tracepoint via their blog, FacebookPinterest, Google+ and Twitter.

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Peter Fox
Peter Fox 5pts

When I first started selling on the Internet 12 years ago it was enough to pack ourwebsites with keywords to rank well with the search engines of the day. Then along came Google and we all had to learn about link relevancy, then Google evolved and we had to absorb the ever changing rules of Search Engine Optimisation. Now we have the social revolution and the need to market our products or services efficiently.

The Internet is the ultimate Darwinian model. Those that failed to keep up with change have perished, those that adapt to it have succeeded and will continue to do so.

Vanessa 5pts

@Peter Fox, I couldn't agree more.

When it comes to inbound marketing, I think the three most important words are 'adapt and change'. So often businesses throw a bunch of content on their website and leave it there, hoping it will work.

But the key is to test and analyse: look at what's doing well and what isn't. If you aren't listening to your prospects and learning from their behaviour, what's the point? And if you aren't adapting your offering to comply with industry trends and ever-changing web practices, how can you possibly be competitive in your field?

A Darwinian model, if ever there was one.

Chris Sharp
Chris Sharp 5pts

You can keep up with news, views and insights from Tracepoint on our website (, on Facebook and on Twitter @Tracepoint