HootSuite is working some magic this Friday to make your social media dashboard experience even better! Due to scheduled system upgrades, HootSuite will be experiencing site-wide downtime on May 4th from 6pm to 9pm PDT (UTC -8).

  • During the downtime, users will be unable to access the dashboard across all platforms – web, mobile and desktop.
  • Tweets and updates scheduled for May 4th from 6pm to 9pm PDT will NOT be sent out. However, all Tweets and updates scheduled for that time will be sent out shortly after 9pm PDT.
  • HootSuite will be Tweeting real-time updates via @HootSuite_Help.

In the meantime…

You can learn more about Owly in lifeofowly.tumblr.com, take a tour through the photos on flickr.com/hootsuite or follow us on facebook.com/hootsuite.




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Adrian 5pts

SO what exactly was changed other then the scroll bars?

Arthur 5pts

Here we go with the delays again ...

Alex 5pts

I appreciate the heads-up, but I'm surprised at the timing. I would expect these things to take place over night more often then not. I figure you have a good reason for the downtime and timing of it.

Rick 5pts

Thanks for the heads up. Please have another a few hours before the maintenance.

Karin Rosner
Karin Rosner 5pts

Hey, that's usually when I plan my posts for the week! I'm going to have to go out and see "The Avengers" or something. Drat.

ziaboga 5pts

hola amigos:sou usuario de hootsuite y estoy contento con la aplicación.Si es posible y tenéis que mejorar algunas cosas no importa estar tres horas sin hootsuite.Al final ganamos todos con las nuevas mejoras .gracias

James 5pts

What upgrades can we expect to see?

Catharine Smart
Catharine Smart 5pts

Hi & thanks for the info. I'm perhaps asking too much, but a link to a world time calculator (e.g. http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meeting.html) for people to calculate easily what time this corresponds to in their local time zone, or just the PDT time repeated in UTC would have been great! (apparently it's 1-4am on May 5th in UTC).