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Announcing the Launch of HootSuite Social Compliance – Powered by Global Relay

By Andy Au • 2 years ago • 3 Comments

Today, HootSuite is excited to announce the launch of HootSuite Social Compliance. Powered by strategic partner Global Relay – the leading cloud-based message archiving, search and surveillance tool for the financial services industry – HootSuite’s newest Enterprise solution provides the most comprehensive social media pre-approval and archiving solution in the industry. Make friends with your compliance officer! With HootSuite Social Complianc…

Ryan Holmes in Harvard Business Review ~ Fired for Insider Tweeting: Compliance in the Social Media Era

By Sam Milbrath • 2 years ago • Strategy • 3 Comments

…ns, need to know the rules of the road,” Langford says. Next comes technology.  In the financial industry, FINRA compliance guidelines dictate that firms should archive all employee business communications for at least three years.  Other industries also follow this golden standard.  Specialized compliance solutions like Global Relay enable companies to automatically record all social media use, filing it away in searchable, cloud-based servers….

Social Media Compliance From HootSuite Enterprise ~ HootGuide

By Sam Milbrath • 2 years ago • 2 Comments

…nancial service professionals, HootSuite has partnered with Global Relay to provide a comprehensive social media compliance solution. Our free HootGuide ‘Social Media Compliance’ [Updated: March 15 2013] is designed to help your financial institution employ best practices for social engagement while maintaining high standards on compliance and security. Find out how HootSuite Social Compliance can help financial professionals tap into HootSuite…

Social Media Security & Compliance in Financial Services ~ HootSuite University Lecture Series

By Allie Russell • 2 years ago • Strategy • 0 Comments

…rage social media within their organization. HootSuite University is pleased to host Social Media Security & Compliance in Financial Services with Amy McIlwain, Founder and President of Financial Social Media. Make friends with your compliance officer, and learn how to remain compliant on social media. Start by exploring the social media essentials – the what and why of social media for financial professionals – then delve into real examples…

Managing Social Media Risk, Part 1: Defining Governance Structure

By HootSuite • 4 weeks ago • 0 Comments

…al landscape Management of acceptable use policies Legal and Audit Representative Titles: CLO, CCO, CRO, Compliance Manager, and Audit Manager Social Media Responsibilities: Regulatory and legal compliance Oversight of social media policies and governance Auditing of brand accounts Fraud identification and management Brand compliance across social networks Identification and addressing of brand hijacking Brand/reputation m…

New Social Media Compliance Guidelines To Help Financial Institutions

By Evan LePage • 4 months ago • 0 Comments

Photo by Paul Lowry. Banks, financial institutions and other regulated organizations have new social media compliance guidelines to help them manage their efforts online. The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) has released new guidelines to help these organizations “understand and successfully manage the potential risks regarding the use of social media.” The activities of financial institutions, including social media ac…

Businesses are Banking on Social Media: A BOK Financial Case Study

By Sam Milbrath • 4 weeks ago • 0 Comments

…ancial to meet their goals and scale their social strategy, they had to: Archive all digital communications for compliance and regulations. Pre-approve all outbound social communications for compliance to mitigate risks of employees engaging with customers in uncontrolled environments. Sync social with existing compliance and customer service technologies. How They Did It In a highly regulated industry, BOK Financial must archive all communicat…

HootSuite Launches Managed Social Media Security and Compliance Service for Enterprises

By HootSuite • 2 months ago • News • 0 Comments

We are excited to announce the release of HootSuite’s Managed Security And Compliance Services. These managed services are designed to empower, educate, and protect brands as they scale social media across their organizations. They include Social Media Asset Audit, Situational Simulations, and Social Media Profile Monitoring. For more information about these new services see our press release. Along with the Managed Security and Compliance serv…

Business Executives’ Top 3 Social Media Concerns

By HootSuite • 1 month ago • Strategy • 0 Comments

…nd brand reputation. Companies need to find a way to arm their employees with the proper social media skills. 3. Compliance Recognized as the third most broadly shared concern, regulatory compliance as it relates to social media is a challenge for business executives, largely due to the risk of noncompliance. A company found to be out of compliance can be subject to penalty fees and bad press. It can be difficult to near impossible to recover. To…

Prevent Social Media Catastrophes ~ Secure your Online Profiles

By Matt Foulger • 2 years ago • Strategy • 3 Comments

…ing social education programs must be in place to keep both employees and executives aware of all relevant legal compliance issues. Earlier this year, the CFO of clothing retailer Francesca’s carelessly hinted at undisclosed earnings numbers in a Tweet. He found himself out of a job, while other CFOs sought clarification of social media compliance policies. Lesson learned? Your security and compliance policies should be completely aligned,…

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