Social Media on the GeO ~ HootSuite iPhone Geo Update

No matter where you go, your iPhone knows where you are. Now, with HootSuite iPhone, you can (almost) control space and time with geo-location-aware tools. Tune your Owl to discover your neighborhood the way you want – filter hyper-local search results, find out where your friends hanging out, and who’s tweeting from nearby. Oh yes, plus a handful more interface options to save clicks and increase happiness. Do you know Geo? See the…

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Facebook Groups, Events, Photos & Geo Make #HootSuite Even Friendlier

…Geo-Campaigning Enterprise customers can target messaging based on the language and location of their audience with new geo-targeting tools. Combined with scheduling, this feature will optimize campaign messaging so it reaches the most relevant audiences at the ideal times. Other Like-able Additions Facebook isn’t the only upgrade you’ll notice in the dashboard when you login. We’ve also included some polishes to existing features: Compose box – Refreshed design makes adding photos, links…

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Location-Based Marketing Tool: Geotoko – Video

Check out who’s checking-in to your business with HootSuite’s Geotoko tool. This geo-aware marketing web app helps you understand your customers and their patterns. Check out who’s checking in: Monitor check-ins from Foursquare and Facebook Places Track customer demographics and trends See where your audience is via a heatmap view Find your friends wherever they are Get started today at: Song is “Can’t Take You/Can’t Shake You” by…

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Social Media Mobile Update – Check-ins and Languages in Blackberry + Android and iPhone

this ground-breaking integration 2) Foursquare check-in – let your friends know who’s the mayor of your favorite nest with this interactive location-based game 3) Twitter Locations – add neighborhood or venue data to your Tweets using Twitter’s native geo tools We’ve got even more great news for HootSuite BlackBerry fans around the world — now you can enjoy HootSuite for BlackBerry in Japanese, French or Spanish with thanks to the crowd-sourced translation project helpers. What’s…

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HootSuite5 Arrives with HTML5 Including Geo-search, Themes, Google Analytics and Native Re-Tweets

HootSuite5 HootSuite users will see significant changes to the social media dashboard today beginning with a completely refreshed HTML5 user interface, plus geo-located search, native Twitter ReTweets, and integrated Google Analytics. HTML5 With the recent announcement of Google’s HTML5 site and many other brands like Apple on-board, HootSuite has made a substantial investment in this new technology standard. HTML5 allows us to release unique features like geo-search and drag & drop, plus improve performance…

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Teams, Schools, Geos and KOs ~ News Round-up

Another busy week of making data and tuning tools at HootSuite HQ – here’s a few of the faves we found out on the web about topics including education, geo-location, toolkits, competitor comparison and getting stuff done quickly. Did we miss an article which the Hootfans will enjoy? Be sure to let us know. Take a tour to see what the folks are saying: Geo Down Under Marc D Anderson’s blogged about a Nice…

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#HootTip: Geo-Located Search

businesses find the messages near them? With geo-located searches, that’s how. HootSuite feature geo-located searches allows businesses to filter searches according to distance to view only the social messages sent from potential customers close by. Refine your search to industry related terms or brand mentions based on your location. Here’s How it Works: Social media is a great place to start looking for new customers or begin spreading local awareness for your business’ services….

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