Setting up your Organization: Social Media Coach Series

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Social Media Coach Vicky Truong
Meet your Social Media Coach, Vicky Truong

As a Social Media Coach, it’s my job to guide you on best practices when it comes to HootSuite and social media. Whether you use social media to promote your bicycle shop, tech start-up or non-profit org, the HootSuite Teams functionality makes it easy to support, collaborate and share social media with your colleagues.

Your business is using social media, but are you providing your team with the tools and supportive foundations for success? It’s important to arrange your Teams within the HootSuite dashboard in a way that is intuitive for the needs of your people. In HootSuite terms, your business account is called an “Organization.” Within your Organization, you may create several “Teams” for your employees and their various roles.

HootSuite Teams Transforms your Dashboard into a Collaboration Tool

Set up your HootSuite Organization to match your business' unique organizational structure.
Set up your HootSuite Organization to match your business’ unique organizational structure.

If you are the manager of a small business with just a few people on your team, you can first set up your Organization, and then add your employees to your account as Team Members.

Some benefits to setting up an Organization within your HootSuite dashboard:

  • Multiple team members can work together to amplify social messages across multiple networks.
  • You can “assign” social messages to your teammates, to encourage better brand-customer relationships, with quick and accurate responses.
  • Engage internally with various departments in your organization, within HootSuite Conversations.

And more…

Organize Your Teams

HootSuite Teams is designed to match your business’ unique organizational structure. The Teams functionality within the HootSuite dashboard will scale to fit your growing needs.

Setting up your HootSuite Organization is the starting point to aligning your social media team. Now that you’re ready to create your personalized HootSuite Organization, which department, manager or region will have responsibility for each social profile?

For example, your bicycle shop has 3 locations, consider making each region a different Team managing their regional social profiles:

bike shop graphic

For your startup business, break your teams up amongst departments such as Marketing or Customer Service:


Teams and Social Networks within your Organization

To create an Organization within HootSuite, follow these quick how-to steps. Once you’ve created an Organization, you will have complete administrative control. The next step is to add team members and then social networks to the Organization and the Teams you’ve set up.

In my next post, we’ll take a closer look at how your business or team can effectively collaborate using HootSuite.



Learn more about Organizations and other HootSuite Teams terms in this Teams Cheat Sheet.


Let me know how you setup your Organization! Plus, if there is a HootSuite feature that you’d like to learn more about, register for my free weekly Pro Webinars and follow me on Twitter @HootVicky.



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Hello, I am looking for the best way to keep social profiles separate to keep them more organised - ( Any Solution )

For example Say I have 40 profiles... say 5 relating to each business - Example: Client business "Hip Hop Shop"  and the hip hop shop has 5 twitters and 2 facebooks. And I have another Client " Magic Shop " also with 5 twitters and 2 facebooks. 

HipHop Shop |  Magic Shop 
Hiphoptwit1   | Magictwit1
Hiphoptwit2   | Magictwit2 
Hiphoptwit3   | Magictwit3
Hiphoptwit4   | Magictwit4
Hiphoptwit5   | Magictwit5
HipFacebook1 | MagicFacebook1
HipFacebook2 | MagicFacebook2

I don't know if this makes sense. I want to be able to be more organised  
If you understand please reply with a solution. 

Kind Regards Ben 

evanlepage moderator

@christa Hi there. This is a rather old post but I've tried to fix the broken links with updated content. Thanks for letting us know.