The Top 3 Buzzwords You Dislike, Question of the Week

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Photo courtesy of Mashable
Photo courtesy of Mashable

Last week we polled our users to find out the top buzzwords they are tired of hearing. We received over 70 different words you should consider the next time you get technical.

We’ve compiled the top 3 responses, as well as a list of honourable mentions from our user responses. See the full conversations on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Top Three Buzzwords

  1. ‘At the end of the day…’

At the end of the day, it’s time to stop using repetitive and empty idioms. Over 20% of respondents confessed they are tired the phrase.

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  1. ‘Leverage’

Landing at a close second, 17% of you said it’s time to stop talking about ‘leverage’ for everything. Not only a overused term, but often used out of context.

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  1. ‘Synergy’

It should come as little surprise that synergy squeaked into the top three. The phrase is commonly misused and misunderstood in the business context.

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Honourable Mentions


Looks like Miley Cyrus has permeated deeper than we thought. Barely missing the top 3, it’s safe to say we are ready to see this trend fade out.

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 1.41.45 PM

‘Going forward’

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 1.00.29 PM

‘Game changer’


Your Top #Tips

Try not to get carried away, limit the number of buzzwords you are using.

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If it doesn’t make sense, perhaps find a different way of saying it.

 Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 10.50.02 AM

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 10.42.52 AM

Your Turn

What buzzwords are you tired of hearing? Comment below.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Tune in every week for the HootSuite question for your chance to be featured on the blog!

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BryanatBIG 5pts

'Learnings' makes me grind my teeth, it's not even a word! What's wrong with 'lessons'?

Rashed 5pts

Two words I am sick and tired of hearing all the time in common conversation . Whatever and. Like!!!! 5pts



My new favourite word is:

MAGNANIMOUS - Very generous and forgiving!

Julian Regina
Julian Regina 5pts

Bahahah! This is hilarious, had an old boss that would always say, "at the end of the day Julian, yada yada yada" I hated it!  I'm glad someone finally is calling him out. Awesome post!


Heather AngusLee
Heather AngusLee 5pts

Let's Circle Back on this... I get dizzy just thinking about it; and I can never shake the image of a bunch of us business cowboys circling the wagons!