The Journey to Social Media Intelligence ~ White Paper

By Matt Foulger | 2 years ago | No Comments

greg and steveThe amount of data produced on social media is staggering – and so is the potential business value for enterprises that know what to do with it. Your customers are pulling back the curtains to reveal their desires and dislikes, but can your enterprise transform all of that data into actionable insights for people in every department?

Empowering your organization with social media intelligence requires a comprehensive strategy and scaleable technology. Download this white paper now to find out how successful enterprises:

  • Disseminate social media intelligence across departments, business units and regions
  • Build a customer-centric organization that delivers the voice of the customer to the entire workforce
  • Make better, faster decisions at every level by integrating social media data into routine business processes


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JackSaysWatt 5pts

I've been tweeting big business a lot lately. It's nice to see some companies do something with the data. @timhortons though doesn't seem to want to get back to me.