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social media week london
Image courtesy of Vulture Labs

HootSuite UK is ramping up with four great events as part of Social Media Week London. From engaging panels to HootUps and even a special ticket giveaway (details below) you won’t want to miss what we’ve got in store for you across the pond in London.

Here’s what’s on tap:

Sept 24: Get Noticed Online: The Basics of Ads on Social Networks

Hosted by Ian Robin, Director of Sales, EMEA, this progressive panel dives into the changing landscape of digital advertising, focusing on social and its potential to give brands more exposure than traditional advertising mediums.

Join panelists Oliver Spall (LinkedIn), Rachel Hawkes (OMD) and Bill Mew (IBM) from 10:00-11:00 AM at Mercer Street Hub in Covent Garden. Tickets can be found at SMWLDN (and below).

If you can’t make it in person, be sure to watch the live stream!

Sept 24: The Future of Community

This panel will discuss  the evolution of communities and the effects on our lives as a result. Join Ian Robin (HootSuite’s Director of Sales EMEA), Kate Bussmann (Author), David Cushman (Solution Partners), Bernie Mitchell (Blogger) and Ken Cho.

The panel goes 3:30 – 5:00 PM at The Social Partners, 77 Hatton Garden, and is free to all,but tickets are going fast, so claim yours here.

social media week london
Social Media Week 2012 opening reception. Image courtesy of Chinwag.

Sept 25: The Future of Community V 2.0

There’s so much buzz about Community, we’ve decided to do another panel following the Sept 24 panel. This event will cover similar topics and material as the panel above. Don’t miss out, RSVP here.

Sept 26: Achieve Social Media Success In B2B

Happy customers is the secret to B2B success, and social media is pivotal in the whole B2B sales process. In this panel, you’ll learn the subtleties of communicating in the B2B context, focusing on content strategy, measurement and integrating social.

Join panelists Rylan Holey (HootSuite), Rachel Hawkes (OMD), and two others for this free session from 8:30 – 10 AM at OMD International — reserve your spot now as we’ve only got a few seats left!

Sept 26: #SMWHootUp

After the panels and keynotes, join the Owls from HootSuite, including Allan Blair Beaton and a host of HootSuite UK Diplomats who will show you how you can save time, develop an audience and master your social media management. The HootUp is 6:30 – 9:30 PM at Club Workspace Clerkenwell — 27-31, Clerkenwell Close.

We’ll keep things casual and have some cold beverages on hand so you can unwind and enjoy yourself in the company of other social media aficionados. RSVP on eventbrite.

SMW Ticket Giveaway!

That’s right, we’re giving away two VIP passes to Social Media Week London! Leave a comment in 140 characters or less explaining why you would like to go!

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lina_petkova 5pts

SMW is THE EVENT every September in London. Cool venues, brilliant speakers, super social atmosphere, one of the best networking gatherings and let's not forget - the closing parties always rock! 

Matthew Doyle
Matthew Doyle 5pts

I'm interested in getting new ideas about how social media can be used to influence large organisations to improve there environmental, social and governance behaviours

kvianna 5pts

I've just moved to the UK and I'm looking for a new adventure in my career. Social media and digital content strategy beckons me. I'm looking forward to learning more.

SamanthaAutumn 5pts

I just got a new job as the Communications Manager for a non-profit. I want to prove myself and take our social media to the next level, this will surely do it!

SophieBegley 5pts

Love to get down and savvy at SMW. I'm like SpongeBob SqaurePants, I'll soak up all the knowledge with a sharp look and unbreakable smile.

aandragon 5pts

{140 chars ≤ Social Media London VIP Pass ≥ my imagination} ➜ Please help to remove my social bounds. #hootsuite #smwldn

moxi marcoms
moxi marcoms 5pts

I'd love to go to Social Week London to learn what is working for other companies and stay on the front foot with social media! 

Oshidoll 5pts

I am unemployed and trying to find a new career path. Social media has just become second life and just keeps growing bigger. I am fairly new to the social media world and would like up close and personal exposure to it. How exciting! 

robinreynolds 5pts

I’m a young, vibrant, social media entrepreneur eager to meet and learn from the best in the business! Pick me!!

Lauren 5pts

I just graduated college with a degree in Information and Communication Technology and I am currently an Internet Marketing Manager! I would LOVE this opportunity to take my new career to the next level!

heyheyman 5pts

Social media is a personal and professional passion. I want to continue to grow, learn and be inspired to perform the best at my job.

MichaelJBrown 5pts

Social media week is all about engagement online and offline, so I would love to go!

Taricia 5pts

I'm just a girl, standing in front of an owl asking him to pick her (& our teeny charity is always looking for top notch advice)

sanj89 5pts

As soon as I hear the term 'social media', in an instant I'm turned on! A Twitter enthusiast and a marketing graduate, I have an idea of how digital works in theory and some idea of how to put it to practice, however as an emerging social media assistant I'm becoming more fascinated and ever so see the need to put it all into practice. Seeing the line up already has me salivating!

Donal Mag Uidhir
Donal Mag Uidhir 5pts

I'm Irish so socializing comes fairly naturally to me, what doesn't come naturally to me is navigating the virtual jungle that is the internet. Help me socialize like i was born to, on all fronts in all networks

stevenkarwoski 5pts

There once was a man born in Philly

Who thought blogging was rather silly

he moved to Sweden

And blogging he indeed did

And realized the learning curve was quite hilly

NikkiWard 5pts

I'd love to come as a VIP so I can learn from the master's and stop trying to teach myself!

Arron George
Arron George 5pts

I would love to learn from the leading experts, creating new connections, and who doesn't love a day our in London. Plus tickets are £££.

Adam_Liam1 5pts

Social Media week is the greatest week of the year for any social media guru, going there would be an absolutely amazing oppurtunity for me

jastilley 5pts

Social media's use in government democratic processes is new but increasing in the UK. I would love to attend to find out current situation and future plans.

emmystock 5pts

I would like to go because # SMWLDN will mark my year anniversary working in social media! What better way is there to recognise that? ;)

MonkeyfarmUK 5pts

Love HootSuite - it is invaluable! If I could find one tool as good during SMW it will be worth going!

Jamie Tolentino
Jamie Tolentino 5pts

I'd love to go as there aren't many excuses to give Financial Services Digital Marketers a chance to be social. However, I think that it's high time that we start capitalizing on this huge opportunity.

StarrKnight 5pts

I would like to go to Social Media Week as I feel it would benefit my business greatly, being in the Social Media sector. My extensive knowledge in Social Media and Online Marketing means I would benefit greatly from this event. 

Hoowitt 5pts

As a relatively new addition to the world of professional Social Media, it'd be great to get further insight into what makes it tick ;-)

guyrbailey 5pts

Couple of days in London out of the office, networking with some likeminded people and feeling relevant again knowing I'm on the right track

markgoodson 5pts

The world's greatest city, the world's greatest social media minds... who wouldn't want to go?

Toni Waters
Toni Waters 5pts

Trying to deliver a S.M platform for an out dated Trade Association.  Please help me!!!

Dauntingllama 5pts

As a young social media MGR with 2 yrs experience this is a rare opportunity to get involved to enhance my abilities & passion! #SendME

Jen Wallace
Jen Wallace 5pts

I want to learn, engage, discover, teach, connect, share, laugh and be social with some of London's most interesting people

DaventryMeetandMingle 5pts

As a business network who promotes clients through social media this would be a great opportunity for us! The only problem would be how to fit it all in!

Nephastieke 5pts

I want to learn so much more about social media and how it can be used to improve the business. #lovesocial #socialite

noraisapro 5pts

Hootesuite is my client of choice / It gives me my Twitter voice / So take me to social media week / It's knowledge, power and fun I seek

CSenksBiz 5pts

I would like to go because I am a huge SM fan and the funny thing is that I will already be in London at this time. I am an avid Facebooker, Instagramer and Twitterer. HooteSuite is the best platform to manage them all with efficiency! I am also proud to be Canadian and supporting a Canadian company. Go Hootsuite!

SChmelarova 5pts

As I started my career in a digital agency recently and I am looking after our Twitter account, it would be great  to get some useful advice

merv_pol 5pts

I'm rolling up my digital sleeves ready to get stuck in to #smwldn : I yearn to learn great stuff & increase #eventroi for all-comers!

Greta_ 5pts

I want to learn all that I can about social media and how it is shaping communication and collaboration amongst society as we know it.

Greta_ 5pts

I don't mean to count my owlets before they've hatched, but when does this competition finish? :)

Connor from HootSuite
Connor from HootSuite 5pts

@Greta_ Still combing through and waiting for any last minute submissions. Will make the final decision tomorrow morning. 

Greta_ 5pts

Great, thanks for getting back to me Connor

VdammeBram 5pts

As a small Starter hootsuite is a keystone online marketing which gives me huge opportunities so this ticket would help me to get closer to my dreams in expanding my knowledge.tnx

Elena 5pts

We are a small comany with a lot of  klout, we dont have the budget to attend something like this but we sure do have the passion!