New Updates Spring Up for Android App

By Andy Au | 3 years ago | 6 Comments

With daffodils sprouting up and springtime in full swing, we’re happy to spring up a new upgrade for HootSuite for Android! Update your hand-held robot on the Google Play Store. Plus, read on for news about push notifications and a little Robot Rock.

With the ability to search, schedule and track stats, HootSuite for Android has been helping wise owls manage their social media since March 2010. If you haven’t already, give it a try – it’s free!

Spring Tune Up

With the latest update to HootSuite for Android, you can expect all the same functionality – managing Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare – but with increased performance. We’ve rejigged the platform with bug fixes, speed upgrades and a new Facebook Wall stream.

Visit the Google Play Store to download the free app or update to the latest version.

Download HootSuite for Android

Push it Real Good

Back in February 2012, we released a Push Notification Beta on HootSuite for iPhone and HootSuite for iPad. It is now out of private beta and available to all iPad and iPhone users. Depending on which HootSuite plan you have, you will be able to receive alerts on your iOS device for multiple Twitter accounts, including mentions, direct messages and more.

Not wanting to leave our Android users feeling left out, we plan to make the feature available for Android soon! Keep an eye out for the feature in the near future. You can follow @HootDroid for the latest updates, news and tips on HootSuite for Android.

And remember, HootSuite for iPad was nominated for a Webby Award last week. Help us take it home by voting for HootSuite.

Robot Rock

Our owls don’t just hoot… They also rock in a big way! A huge congratulations to talented singer-songwriter and HootSuite user, Dan Mangan, on his recent wins at the Juno Awards (who also use HootSuite).

Dan, who provided the lovely and fittingly-titled song “Robots” for our Android app launch (see above), took home the New Artist of the Year and Alternatives Album of the Year awards.

Dan Mangan Juno Win
Congratulations, Dan!

Robot Signing Off

HootSuite has free mobile apps for smartphonesHow do you hoot? HootSuite offers the social media management dashboard on a number of different platforms – web, desktop and mobile. With 15 languages localized for these platforms – you can use the dashboard wherever you want, in (almost) whatever language you want.

Don’t see your language? Contact us to become the next translator or coordinator for your language.

Do you have ideas for our mobile apps? Let us know on our Feedback Channel. HootSuite has individual channels for iPhone and iPad, Android, and BlackBerry. Whether it’s a new feature, integration or interface tweak – your feedback has helped shape our roadmap and continues to.

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rypaci 5pts

thanks for this information .. 

Kurt Crisman
Kurt Crisman 5pts

Will Google+ and Auto-Schedule be available on mobile app, and will that app be available through Amazon store?

Rod Thiel
Rod Thiel 5pts

Need to change my password ASAP some dog as hacked into my acct, messages are being sent to my contacts, should l also change my E Mail password, if so Pse also help Ty Rod

Mark Dijkstra
Mark Dijkstra 5pts

I now have an I phone en I was looking for an app like this, it's great! One app for all social stuff. Great, keep up the good work!

Zach Whaley
Zach Whaley 5pts

I'm always happy to see Android apps being properly supported with continuos updates, but the HootSuite for Android app needs to start looking like an Android app.

The Android team at Google has recently published a website, , that outlines what an Android app should look like and how it should work.

Your Android app should be designed for Android, not iPhone. Unfortunately the HootSuite for Android app looks like it was designed for an iPhone.

An example of one of the more obvious iPhone designs is the 'back' button at the top left of the screen. Every Android phone has a dedicated hardware Back button on the phone, which makes this iPhone styled Back button confusing and unnecessary.

Please visit the Android design website and read the guidelines carefully. I think you'll find them easy to read and even easier to implement.

Andy Au
Andy Au 5pts

Hi Kurt,

Thanks for stopping by. There's no definite timeline for AutoSchedule right now but it's certainly on our radar. Google+ is available via mobile. No plans to make the app available through Amazon currently.