Tips for Effectively Assessing Your Clients’ Social Media Strategy

By Amanda Li | 3 years ago | 26 Comments

HootSuite’s Solution Partners Program, a program designed for agencies and consultancies looking to demonstrate social leadership by introducing clients to HootSuite, is hosting a webinar geared towards agencies and consultancies who want to improve their clients’ use of social media for businesses.

Aki Kaltenbach

Join HootSuite’s Director of Solution Partners, Aki Kaltenbach and our resident social media consultant, Kemp Edmonds as they walk through the how-to’s of effectively evaluating social media strategies as well as best practices for social engagement in different types of social networks.

You can now watch this webinar on-demand!


No matter what size agency or consultancy you are, this webinar will help you effectively evaluate and assess your existing and potential clients’ social media strategies. Discover the best practices on how to conduct a rapid social media audit, which will allow you to generate new revenue through strategic planning and execution of social media campaigns.

Webinar highlights include:

  • Step-by-step guide to conducting a social media audit for potential clients.
  • Do’s & Don’ts for engaging in social media.
  • Tips on how HootSuite can help improve your social strategy.

Register today to explore how your agency can help drive value around social on behalf of both your existing and future clients.

Learn more about our Solution Partner Program

HootSuite Solution Partner BadgeHootSuite’s Pro Solution Partner Program is designed for agencies and consultancies looking to demonstrate social leadership and drive recurring revenue by introducing clients to HootSuite Pro. Benefits of the program include exclusive access to HootSuite Partner resources, training and support.

Apply today to become a part of our HootSuite Pro Solution Partner program.

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Santosh 5pts

what are the dates on next webinar please tell us :)

Jordie 5pts

Hi Amanda,

I'm just wondering if you're still planning on making this webinar available? Thanks,


Amanda Li
Amanda Li 5pts

Hi Everyone - thanks for your interest in the webinar!

If you're interested in attending but cannot make this particular date, please register for this webinar anyway and you'll receive a notice as soon as the on-demand version is available.

I'll also follow-up with another blog post when the on-demand webinar is ready, so make sure to check back soon!



Kate 5pts


Please let me know where I can access the on-demand version following the live webinar as well.



Benet 5pts

I'm puzzled on why you'd schedule this on Thanksgiving. I just signed up for a pro account, so I'd love to get an email with a link to the on-demand version of the webinar. Thanks!!

Charlie 5pts

I agree that there should be a replay, or alternate date. I would love to participate, but will be spending the day with family.

Phyllis S
Phyllis S 5pts

Hi - please add me to your on-demand version of the Social Media Audit webinar - I'm traveling on Thanksgiving and won't have access. Don't want to miss this info! Thanks.

Durlov 5pts

Would like to get the webinr on demand

Edward 5pts

Hi Amanda,

Can you send me a note via email when the on-demand version is available? Really appreciate it, thanks!

Joann Schilb
Joann Schilb 5pts

Please keep me posted when the on-demand version is live.

Odell Hall
Odell Hall 5pts

Am really interested in this webinar. Could be notified when the in demand webinar posts?

Cees Hoogerheide
Cees Hoogerheide 5pts

I'm living in the Netherlands and due to time difference it's imposseble to attend this webinar. Please send me a note when an on-demand version is available. THNX

Vernon Niven
Vernon Niven 5pts

I was going to recommend this to a partner of ours, but it's on US Thanksgiving holiday...

Stephanie 5pts

Is this really going to be on Thanksgiving Day? I'd like to attend but I will not be working on that day. Do you record the webinars and post them anywhere for later viewing?

Jenna 5pts

Would love to attend this webinar... but its on Thanksgiving!! Please consider repeating this webinar. Cheers

Lauren 5pts

Will there be a repeat of this webinar? I would join if it wasn't on Thanksgiving.....

Kay Dougherty
Kay Dougherty 5pts

I would love to attend but you do know the date is American Thanksgiving, right?