Image via Nimish Gogri under CC by 2.0

5 Ways to Make Diwali More Social

It’s Diwali! The festival of lights and a vibrant highlight of many calendars, celebrated by Indians and non-Indians alike the world over. Traditional Diwali celebrations are always sociable affairs and, if you run a business, a perfect opportunity to thank your customers and employees. This year Hootsuite wants to help you spread the joy further so that your Diwali wishes reach even your most distant customers.

How will you and your business be celebrating Diwali? Share your tips and ideas with us using the hashtag #HootDiwali. We can’t wait to hear from you and see your photos!

And if our infographic convinced you to run an online contest, here’s more information on how you can use Hootsuite Campaigns to do it.

P.S. If Diwali is new to you and you’re wondering what it’s all about, check out what is the festival of lights and how is it celebrated?