#HootTip: Bump to Follow with #HootSuite for #iPhone

…HootSuite feature. Bump to Follow on Your iPhone Even in this digital age, face-to-face networking still plays an important part in building and maintaining relationships. While business cards are traditionally exchanged at meetings and events – there are new fast and paper-free ways to share contact information. Learn how to use “Bump” to automatically follow other HootSuite users on Twitter. This handy mobile feature is a fast and fun way to bridge your offline interactions into…

By Donné Torr | 6 years ago

iPhone Reviews, Updates and Punditry ~ News Round-Up

…replies and direct messages. When it comes to Facebook, users will able to send and receive updates from that network as well. HootSuite integration supports updates to Pages and profiles as well as the ability to view updates from friends and likers. Cult of Mac – HootSuite’s iPhone App Souped-Up With A Translator, Bump-To-Follow, More Eli Milchman writes: When HootSuite’s iPhone app landed late last year, it had already set itself apart with a unique…

By Dave Olson | 7 years ago

HootSuite for iPhone Update with Translation, Facebook & Geo-location

…to try, just high five another HootSuite-enabled iPhone and you’ll see the chance to follow each other with a confirmation click. Fist pump, low five, freeze frame five — they all work. Enjoy testing this beta feature, no lab coat required. More: Press release with screenshots HootSuite for iPhone page Time for a Holiday video – features music “The Nostalgic Buffoon” by Jeremiah Jacobs (@jeremiahjacobs) Note: “Bump” is ™ of Bump Technologies, Inc. http://bu.mp/…

By Dave Olson | 7 years ago

Social Skills ~ New HootSuite iPhone Release Helps Clear your Mind

…news with bosses or pals to bring them into the conversation. Remember to Bump Released a few weeks ago in HootSuite Labs, the “Bump to Follow” tool is gaining fans in noisy clubs and quiet rooms alike who follow by “bumping” phones. Try it ~ but hold on to your phone! Spreading the Word HootSuite isn’t in the league of Ichiro, Godzilla or Spinal Tap in Japan… but we’re getting there. CEO Ryan Holmes recently…

By Dave Olson | 7 years ago

Efficiency, Listening & Translating ~ News Round-up

…and/or follow @hootwatch to be the early bird everyday. The Next Web – HootSuite gets political and “Bumps” up iPhone app features. TNW shares the news about some pro features in the HootSuite iPhone update: Now on to the iPhone updates, which are quite impressive.  … But the biggest new feature added to HootSuite’s iPhone app?  Now users can utilize Bump to quickly add followers.  A great new addition to an already fantastic iPhone app….

By Dave Olson | 7 years ago