Aussie Rules Football, Your Social Media Guide to the Grand Final

Image Courtesy of M. Marsh Photography
Image Courtesy of M. Marsh Photography

The Australian Football League has taken to social media to boost their brand. The League uses Twitter to promote the Grand Final — an annual Australia rules football match — as well as engage their fans, share live updates and document their prestigious award ceremonies.

The Grand Final game starts Saturday at 14:30 AEST (4:30 GMT).

The AFL Facebook page is a haven of social activity — with videos, pictures and thousands of fan fuelled discussions. They share weekly podcasts throughout the season to keep fans up to date with all the league happenings, while also giving them access to expert analysis.

We’ve put together your vital guide to following the Grand Final on social this weekend.

Grand Final Weekend

The Australian Football League runs the highest competitive level of Australian Football in the world and is a vital thread in the cultural fabric of Australia. The sport, conceived in 1858, is dynamic, stamina driven and unforgiving.

More than six million people have attended Australian Football League matches live in the last eight seasons, making it Australia’s most watched live sport. Fans travel from all over the country to barrack for their team at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

The final for the AFL between the Fremantle Dockers and Hawthorn Hawks is this Saturday and promises to be a great match. Here are a few tips to keep up with all the action before, during and after the event.

Image courtesy of William Krusche
Image courtesy of William Krusche

Set Up Your Social Media Stadium

Prepare everything before the game starts, that way you can follow the action online without taking your attention away from the game. To do so, get intimate with the AFL and your favourite team.

No matter who you’re cheering for, create a stream to monitor the action from both sides.

Don’t forget to include these hashtags:

Get Ready for the Ball-Up

Make sure you cover all the action by setting up streams for all the relevant hashtags, journalists, fan comments and media outlets.

Don’t forget these footy journalists who are guaranteed to have a keen insight to the match:

Follow @Channel7 to find out what those running the network are saying. You can also find lots of pre-match analysis by searching the hashtag #TalkingFooty.

#Tip: Win tickets to the final by engaging with #AFLlivesite right up to game time.

Image courtesy of Pete Owens
Image courtesy of Pete Owens

Get Inside the Player’s Head

Ever wonder what’s going through players heads before the most important event of their career? Create a new stream of your custom Grand Final Twitter List, include key players from both teams.

From the Hawks:

From the Dockers:

#Tip: Follow @MCC_Members. A select group of members attend the final every year, so they’re experienced Grand Final viewers. Their account pushes out informative and hilarious tweets.

Watch the AFL Live

Download the AFL LIVE App and catch visual updates on the AFL Instragram account. Tag your match experiences with the hashtag #AFLFinals.

How are you preparing for the big game? Let us know in the comments below.

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