Behind the Scenes: The Making of “Hop on the #HootBus”

In October, HootSuite released a video celebrating the recent wave of dashboard localizations. Hop on the #HootBus takes you on Owly’s adventure across oceans and over mountains as the little bird picks up Owls from all over the world.

The video’s story began long before October when HootSuite VP Community, Dave Olson, contacted the design team looking to create a video that set out to capture the many cultures and countries using HootSuite.

Guided by the song “I’d Never Climbed a Mountain” by Portage and Main (a band Dave met while on tour with Tracks on Tracks), the design team set out to realize Dave’s vision, one that combined HootSuite’s international family of Owlys, a sense of journey and cuteness.

Enjoying the Journey

The team sought to match Portage and Main’s rootsy style with handmade aspects – in the form of hand-drawn and inked cardboard cutouts. Married with digital animation, care of Gámomo Creative Lab, the completed story truly became a labor of love, reflecting HootSuite’s blend of grassroots DIY-ness and digital polish.

It was a particularly satisfying project for our design team, as the medium was a departure from the usual digital tools used daily. “I liked working with the actual physical materials,” says Joanna Ambrosio, HootSuite Art Director. “The whole process of going to the art supplies store and buying the stuff; It was all very fun.”

See the finished work  – “Hop on the #HootBus”:

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