Hooting for You! Personal Branding with HootSuite


The following is written by HootSuite Campus Ambassador and Syracuse University Student, Adelyn Biedenbach (seen on left in photo). Adelyn is a graduate student at Syracuse University studying new media management. Originally from Pittsburgh, Pa. her interests outside of her major include hockey, ballet and reading fiction.

Whether you aspire to manage social accounts or just establish your own identity on social media, HootSuite can be an important tool for exploring, practicing and showcasing your best content curation and creation skills.

Establishing yourself as an expert on a topic or just sharing content that your followers find interesting can be an engaging way to utilize social media for personal branding.

Here are some great ways to get started.

Learning from Lists

Creating lists is one way to filter in the most valuable or relevant content around a topic. With so much out there and so many new tweets per second, it can be useful to funnel the noise!


An example of a list that I enjoy is one I call: “Headlines.” I created the list on Twitter and included some of the biggest newspapers and journalist feeds, then imported it to my home tab on HootSuite. This is a great resource as a communications student to get up-to-date information which may get lost in a big stream.

Strategic Streams

Tabs within your HootSuite dashboard can be geared toward a topic you are currently researching or are just interested in. Say for example, you hope to work in the sports marketing or advertising business or if you are already a member of this community. Setting up a tab with saved searches and keywords relevant to your interest can help you stay in the know with what’s being said and what’s going on in the industry.

Streams with the latest Twitter chats in that field such as #SMSportsChat or lists of industry professionals and leaders can help make this tab your one stop shop for all things surrounding the topic.

From Follower to Facilitator

Now that you have all this great content surrounding your career goals and interests, what should you do with it? RT, respond and engage! Share the stories you think are interesting and become part of the conversation surrounding news and ideas. The more you do this, the more you establish yourself. Be sure to follow and talk with leaders, maybe they will even start following you back!

Have a focused stream or other great ideas on how to use tabs and streams for personal branding? Connect with me @Adelynlee! I’d love to hear from you.