What should brands avoid talking about on social media? Question of the Week


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In an effort to stay on top of the hottest trends, brands often tag onto current popular topics. “Trend hijacking” is a powerful way to find communities and join the conversation on social media.

But when we asked you: “What topics should brands avoid talking about on social media?”, we were surprised to see across all networks, respondents almost exclusively mentioned religion, sex and politics — and not popular culture or memes.

Take a look below to recap and find the full conversations on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Stay on Topic

You offered some great advice for brands falling into the competition shaming and dishonesty trap. Keep genuine and be the bigger brand when it comes to competition.

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Religion and Politics

These two have been a pool of risky water since before the days of social media. In an effort to respect the diversity of your audience, it’s usually best to avoid talking about religion and politics. This way, you won’t alienate any of your valued customers.

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 Sex Doesn’t Sell

Or at least, it sells to a very limited audience. Recognize your varying demographics and be careful not to lose customers just for the chance to temporarily go viral.


What do you think brands should avoid talking about on social media? Comment below.

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