Don’t Waste Your Time on Social- HootSuite VP Greg Gunn at ITEXPO

Your organization could definitely be spending a lot less time on social than they are currently. HootSuite VP of Business Development Greg Gunn is appearing at ITEXPO in Austin tomorrow to speak on a panel about this very subject. Gunn has spoken about this before, and is very passionate about it.

Want some reading material to get you primed? Both and Forbes have published articles about maximizing time with social media, with tips that will help set up the panel at ITEXPO. The headlines should grab you: Forbes asks: Is Social Media a Waste of Time? While asserts: Social Media is a Waste of Time. Not to ruin the surprise for you, but you’ll find both authors make a case for spending quality time on social media.

Many companies are now investing heavily in this space, for tools that integrate key networks in order to drive campaigns across all the major social networks. With Greg’s advice, you can get a grasp on the effectiveness of these campaigns and their outcomes, in order to optimize cross-platform engagement. Within your limited time frame, of course.

Meet Greg at ITEXPO West 2012

DATE: Wed Oct 3
TIME:  10:00-10:45am
TRACK: Customer Experience
SESSION TITLE: “Don’t Waste Your Time on Social”

Participants will explore the fundamentals of social media and expose time-saving tips and effective tactics to help you gain back valuable time from some of the trendy time wasters that are eating into the bottom line. Whether you’re a large enterprise, small business, or public organization, you share similar challenges when it comes to helping teams do what matters most and getting users and customers what they need, when they need it.  This session will help you overcome many of those challenges in today’s social world.

Follow @ITEXPO on Twitter, and let us know in the comments what tips you have for avoiding wasting time on social media. If you’re at the event, say hi to Greg for us!