Customers and Engagement the Focus of E-Commerce One to One Event

Last week, a selection of HootSuite owls attended the E-Commerce One to One (#ec1to1) conference in Monaco. This three-day event allows E-Commerce businesses to set up one-to-one business meetings with other businesses across 14 different sectors. Additionally, workshops and networking events take place throughout the event to further increase opportunities for interaction between attendees.

It’s a unique approach to a conference and an excellent structure as it allows senior level executives to arrange and meet a multitude of businesses during the three days, presenting much opportunity in a short period of time.

Several HootSuite owls were in attendance, and we compiled data to show what theme trended throughout the event.

Customer-Centric Focus

The top trending topics across the three days were “Client” and “Engagement.” On the first day of the event, 22% of all discussions using the hashtag #ec1to1 involved the words “Client” or “Engagement”:

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 11.18.00.png

By the end of the three days, the percentage of #ec1to1 discussions using “Client” and “Engagement” remained at 22%, which the former gaining even more of an edge:

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 19.13.51.png

The terms “Client” and “Engagement” were so prolific throughout the 3 days due to the fact that most meetings and plenaries, and conversations fueled by brands like Google, Nespresso, L’Oreal, FEVAD, Wonderbox and others, were customer-centric.

At the event we learned that an engaged customer will speak more about the brand, will be more loyal and will be less susceptible to price rises. Opinionway shared that 29% of engaged online customers will still remain customers, even if prices rise. Social media obviously has a big part to play in this engagement. It was pointed out that a Facebook fan is not an engaged customer. Actually engaging with your audience on multiple social networks is important. Using a platform to ensure you can engage with these customers is imperative, not only to keep them loyal, but to keep them happy.

Google and Nespresso Talk Customers and Conversion

Focusing on the customer in their respective plenaries, Google and Nespresso were two of the event’s “brand winners.”

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 14.54.50.pngScreen Shot 2014-03-20 at 14.53.50.png

Google focused on advising brands to be customer centric and paying attention to conversion. The discussion included retweetable stats (digital influences 12% of retail purchases in the UK, which is 2.5 times higher than France) which ensured that Google received many mentions from the audience.

Nespresso also focused on the customer and explained how they engage to help drive sales and loyalty. Nespresso has its own members club for customers who are avid users of their products and 80% of Nespresso staff regularly communicate with these members.

Individual Influencers Earn Following Through Social

Individuals who were in attendance at E-Commerce One to One also received a high number of mentions. Social thought leader Yann Gourvennec, a guest speaker at a HootSuite workshop, was mentioned frequently throughout the event, as were Patrick Robin, Nick Leeder, Alain Clapaud and James Tan.Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 15.51.19.png

Yann was successful as he not only live-tweeted from plenaries and workshops, sharing relevant stats, he also shared links to e-commerce content which weren’t directly from the conference and gained traction via retweets and mentions. He also engaged with anyone mentioning him, making an instant connection with his followers.

When attending events such as these, there are real opportunities that come from tweeting about the content, engaging with attendees and informing those who aren’t present. It surprised us to find that some of the speakers didn’t have Twitter handles, a real missed opportunity, as many customers now look to senior executives on social media to learn about a company. This should be embraced as it is an excellent opportunity for executives to share relevant, interesting, brand-led content with fans and followers.

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