Using HootSuite for Real-Time Audience Engagement – Case Study with Electric Artists

By Andy Au


Electric Artists is a leading independent digital brand management and strategy agency. Using HootSuite, they launched a first-time ever social media campaign to bring awareness to PSYCH, USA network’s popular TV show.

Electric Artists used HootSuite’s team collaboration tools, Klout score filtering and search streams to bring a live show to life over Twitter. Monitoring, searching, publishing and rapidly adjusting tactics each night was a breeze thanks to the handy tools in the dashboard.

Find out more about this unique campaign, and how Electric Artists used the dashboard to meet and exceed their goals in this fresh new Case Study, available for download today. Try embedding it on your blog or sharing with friends too.

Electric Artists & HootSuite ~ An Audience Engagement Case Study

International Versions
Electric Artists & HootSuite ~ An Audience Engagement Case Study (español, 日本語, português)

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