How to Drive Value by Empowering Employees on Social Media

Social media is no longer a mystery for many businesses. It is expanding across the enterprise, and finding its way to the desks of salespeople, human resources representatives and senior executives. Forward-thinking companies have overcome their confusion and concerns about social media, and are now focused on delivering real value for the business.

Core to that mission are the employees. Driving social media value is dependant on educating your staff and, in doing so, creating a socially literate and empowered workforce.  An empowered workforce, in turn, drives more brand mentions online and results in more sales leads your team can pursue. In fact, organizations who deploy social tools across their departments are delivering on average 20% more revenue and 60% higher profit growth.

If you’re unsure about how to bring your employees to that next level, we’ve created a new white paper to guide you through that process.

Download “The New Supercharged Employee: How Businesses are Driving Value by Empowering Social Leaders.”

In this white paper, learn about the importance of implementing and scaling social media education across your organization in order to benefit from:

  • The power of employee brand advocates
  • Better connections for social selling
  • Reducing risk by improving knowledge

“What drives a company’s success? Adaptability and a focus on people. Great companies are nimble and adapt to changing circumstances—and they invest in their people, giving them the right training and tools so they can innovate, add value and become leaders of the future.” – Bharat Masrani, president and CEO of TD Bank

Are you ready to empower social leaders in your company? Download “The New Supercharged Employee” white paper today.

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