It’s the Age of the Customer: Rethink How You Win, Serve, and Retain Empowered Customers

When it comes to ongoing engagement, the modern customer prefers online channels to more traditional means of communication.

Consider the mobile mind shift—which Forrester defines as the expectation that desired information or services are available on any device at any time. It has changed when and how customers interact with brands.

Having an agile social strategy that takes into account the customer journey—and aligns with your brand story—can be the difference between a customer choosing your business over a competitor.

As the world’s most widely used social relationship platform, we have witnessed our clients achieving success through social media engagement, campaigns, and data.

We’re sharing some of our findings in a webinar with guest speaker Clement Teo, senior analyst at Forrester.

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Also featuring a comprehensive Q&A that outlines the differences (and similarities) of customer-focused companies in Asian markets, the webinar will show you:

  • How you can build up a database of social intelligence to respond to changes in the industry
  • Why siloed social data can’t give you the insights you need—and the steps you can take to see the bigger picture
  • Ways you can take a holistic, organisation-wide approach to your customer service

Event Speakers

Clement Teo
Senior Analyst, Forrester

As senior analyst serving Marketing Leadership Professionals, Clement helps companies develop interactive marketing strategies for Asia Pacific, with special focus on social media and mobility. His research focuses on how companies can harness social media and mobile platforms in Asia Pacific to improve social reach, depth and relationships, to help strengthen their brands and customer loyalty.

Rob Begg
VP Enterprise Strategy, Hootsuite

Rob Begg is Hootsuite’s VP Enterprise Strategy. He works with Hootsuite’s customers, partners and team to help figure out how social business, product and strategy all come together for enterprise companies. Rob often speaks on the how social business is evolving for enterprise companies and loves to hear stories on how other businesses are scaling social in their organisation.

Watch the webinar now