HootSuite Extends Google+ Pages to All Users

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Everyone at HootSuite, from our newest Owl to CEO Ryan Holmes, is pleased to announce that Google+ Pages is now available to nearly 5 million users worldwide!

Whether you’re on a Free, a Pro or an Enterprise plan, you’ll be able to efficiently manage Google+ Pages alongside other social channels, providing brands a better way to capitalize on the social power of this rapidly expanding social network.

To add Google+ Pages: Access your Profile from the side menu, then select + Add a Social Network under My Social Networks.

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Social media teams can now fully utilize the advanced capabilities of HootSuite’s engagement, measurement, collaboration and security tool-set to manage the unique brand-focused environment of Google+ Pages for:

  • Targeted Publishing with Circles
  • Advanced Circle Management

Google+ Pages – We’re Listening to You!

HootSuite launched as an official partner in Fall 2011 for Enterprise clients, and since then, Google+ Pages in the dashboard is HootSuite’s most requested social network:

  • It has been our most requested feature
  • Over 12,000 requests on our official Google+ Pages request form
  • Over 8,000 requests on the feedback forum
  • HootSuite’s Ambassador of Happiness, Chris Trottier, personally manages between 20-30 @HootSuite_Help requests for Google+ Pages daily!

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According to Compete.com, Google+ grew 43% in June, reaching 31.9m unique visitors in the US. This Google+ post states that:

“Since the year started, Google+ has gained 14.2 million visitors, from 17.6 million visitors in December to 31.9 million visitors in June. For the first time, according to Compete statistics, Google+ is now larger than Linkedin, who had 24.6 million visitors in June.”

Google+ Pages For Brand Engagement

Google+ launched new Google+ Pages for brands to have a unique and nuanced engagement experience with audiences.

With Google+ Pages integration, marketing managers and socially strategic organizations are offered new ways of managing connections with customers within the HootSuite dashboard for lead generation, HR recruiting, support, brand awareness and social campaigns.

Targeted Publishing with Circles

Google+ Pages in the HootSuite dashboard allow brands to tailor messaging to specific audience segments and post updates to selected circles. HootSuite privacy features let Team Members select whether a post will appear public, or whether it will post to a specific circle.

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Advanced Circle Management

Brands can now collaboratively build out their Google+ Page presence using HootSuite’s advanced team workflow functionality – such as message assignments and follow ups – optimizing the unique engagement benefits of Google+ circles.

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The functionality also allows for custom searches of keywords or phrases within public posts and specific content streams for easy monitoring. By simplifying the monitoring of comments and posts from audience members, teams can streamline +Pages management easily through the HootSuite dashboard.

Watch & Learn with HootSuite University

Google+ Pages are for anyone who wants build lasting relationships with customers, and are the centrepiece for brands, businesses and celebrities who want to build a presence on Google+. Take a look at the walkthrough video from HootSuite University to learn more.

All HootSuite users now have access to Google+ Pages functionality in the HootSuite dashboard. HootSuite will continue to expand the dashboard’s functionality as a robust and comprehensive tool for social savvy businesses.

To add Google+ Pages: Access your Profile from the side menu, then select + Add a Social Network under My Social Networks

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