Pour Yourself A Glass For This Global Wine Tour ~ Hoo’s Hooting Vineyards Vol. I


Whether it’s relaxing after a long day with a glass of cab sav, cooling off on the patio with a chilled pinot gris or celebrating a moment with a champagne toast — wine compliments life.

You don’t have to be a Sommelier or have a high budget to enjoy some of the world’s best elixirs. HootSuite proudly boasts a parliament of the best winemakers around the globe, crafting not only wine, but passionate social communities.

So grab a glass of your favourite and let’s take a flight around the globe, looking at some of HootSuite’s favourite wine nests along the way.

The ‘Do No Harm’ Philosophy

Photo Courtesy of the Burrowing Owl Winery
Photo Courtesy of the Burrowing Owl Winery

@BurrowingOwlBC – The Okanagan Region, British Columbia (Canada)

The Burrowing Owl Estate Winery is a natural favourite for the Owls at HootSuite HQ. Situated in the northernmost tip of the Sonora desert in British Columbia, the Burrowing Owl encompasses the kind nature that Canadians (and owls) are well known for.

owly-wine-savblancThe winery uses creativity and kindness to ‘do no harm’ to any members of their ecosystem through sustainable viticultural and enological practices.

They take care of a diverse community of animal friends such as snakes, bears and big horned sheep.

HootSuite Recommends: 2010 Burrowing Owl Winery Pinot Gris

Balance: Tradition + Technology

Photo Courtesy of the Robert Mondavi Winery
Photo Courtesy of the Robert Mondavi Winery

Next, let’s fly south, soaring down the beautiful west coast of North America to check in with our American owls and see what they are crafting in the Napa Valley region of California.

@RobertMondavi‎ – Napa Valley, California (USA)

HootSuite owls age like wine — and there really is nothing quite like a community established with time, dedicated to a master craft and loyal to a name.

owly-wine-savblancOver at Robert Mondavi winery you’ll find some genuine owls who have set the precedent for winemaking in the Napa Valley.

Tucked into the Oakville region of California, Robert Mondavi winery celebrates it’s 100th anniversary this year!

HootSuite Recommends: 2010 Robert Mondavi Winery Fumé Blanc

Diversification + Global Outreach

Photo Courtesy of Concha Y Toro Winery
Concha Y Toro vineyards are spread throughout Chile’s major wine regions– including Maipo, Maule, Rapel, Colchagua, Curico and Casablanca. Photo Courtesy of Concha Y Toro Winery.

Continuing our journey due south, let’s cross the Equator and visit our Latin American owls.

@ConchaYToro – Various regions (Chile)

Concha Y Toro uses a contagious energy and fiery ambition to empower communities worldwide. There is definitely something to be said about the vineyard’s years of knowledge and diverse experience.

owly-wine-cabsavIt takes a passion to transition from the comfort of a local community into the pressure of international competition.

Concha Y Toro uses social media to bridge these gaps — taking its place as the largest producer of wines from Latin America.

HootSuite Recommends: 2011 Marques de Casa Concha Cabernet Sauvignon

All in the Family: Patience + Wisdom

Photo Courtesy of the Pulenta Estate Winery

Next we take flight East across the Andes Mountains until they become a paint-like backdrop to the breathtaking Mendoza region of Argentina.

@PulentaEstate – Mendoza Province (Argentina)

Perhaps blood is thicker than water, but wine? Now that’s a different story. In 1902, a young Italian couple arrived in Argentina looking for “the America”.

owly-wine2111 years later, their grandchildren have built three generations of Argentine viticulture within the walls of the estate — sharing their story with each and every guest.

The Pulenta estate functions according to the values of family, patience and generosity — all of which are commonly found in our Argentine owls.

HootSuite Recommends: 2009 Pulenta Estate Malbec Gran Mendoza

More Hoo’s Hooting

Photo Courtesy of Nealy Photo


@HessCollection – located at Mount Veeder, Napa Valley
@ChandonUSA – Renowned sparkling wine producer
@SterlingWines – Try the Sterling Napa Cabernet
@KuletoEstate – 2007 Estate Syrah is beautiful
@Maisonry – Located in Yountville, peaceful + quaint stay
@FloraSprings – “Love the land and it will love you back”
@RutherfordRanch – Sunshine + Napa Sauv Blanc
@BourassaWines – 2011 Rutherford Chard? Yes please
@ChMontelena – Raise a pinky for this Estate Cab Sauv
@NewtonVineyard – Homemade Ribs + a glass of Newton Unfiltered Merlot
@HerzogWine – Great tips on wine storage
@HillWineCo – Black Dog Chardonnay, don’t miss out

Photo Courtesy
Photo Courtesy of Paul Preacher

British Columbia

@LaStellaWinery – La Dolce Vita: food, wine + music
@PaintedRockWine – Check out the new tasting room!
@HesterCreek – 2012 Rosé Cabernet Franc
@CedarCreekWine – Look forward to the 2012 Platinum Riesling
@NkmipCellars – Chocolate + the Qwam Qwmt Riesling
@MissionHillWine – Fine wine + sustainable seafood
@GrayMonkWinery – 3 medals at 2013 Canadian Wine Championships
@RedRoosterWine – Located in Penticton, BC
@PellerVQA – 2011 Riesling with baked salmon + asparagus

Stay tuned for Volume II, as we soar to see who’s crafting wine and using HootSuite in South Africa, New Zealand and Western Europe!

Did we miss you on the list? Comment below to let us know and we will add you!

Wine and Food Pairing image: Winefolly