My Journey as a @HootCampus Ambassador

The following post is written by Jessica Lowell, a HootCampus Ambassador and a senior  marketing major at Champlain College in Burlington Vermont. She has been involved with Champlain’s Center for Service and Civic Engagement, winning a Service Ambassador Award this past year.  Her passions include dogs, early childhood education, fundraising, direct service work and of course social media!


Being a HootSuite Campus Ambassador has been an amazing experience. The school I attend, Champlain College, is a fairly small school but being a part of the Ambassador Program has given me the opportunity to interact with more people and on develop stronger relationships with my campus community.

I first found out about the Campus Ambassador program through my Professor of Digital Marketing Elaine Young. She sent an e-mail to the senior marketing capstone class with a link to the application. It seemed like a great opportunity to get experience with social media community management as well as a great way to keep active on campus without having to sacrifice my other commitments, so I decided to take the leap and apply!

The HootCampus Program is crafted to cater to each ambassador’s schedule and interests. I decided to challenge myself and host HootUps in the form of presentations to classes about HootSuite. I looked to my professors for guidance; working with Elaine, Communications Professor Nancy Kerr and Marketing Professor William Zuccareno to prepare these presentations. They gave me ideas for presentation topics and suggestions for which classes to speak to about social media and community management.

This experience has benefited my presentation skills immensely! I am much more confident in speaking in front of a group of people and my ability to answer impromptu questions quickly and with a detailed response also improved significantly. I loved getting to speak with so many new people and spreading the HootSuite excitement!

Taking my role further, I also tabled in our Student Center which put my networking skills to practice! As a student who lives off campus, it was also a great way for me to connect with the campus community. To prepare for this day at the Student Center, I created a handout to give students with more information about Hootsuite as well as my contact information.

I fine tuned a lot of skills through being a HootCampus Ambassador; from public speaking to online etiquette and even networking! The team at Hootsuite has a lot of great resources, are incredibly supportive, and always willing to help in anyway they can. Going through this experience has exposed me to what life after graduation might be like and I definitely feel more prepared for it than I did before signing up.

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