Social on the Go ~ New Mobile #HootGuide

HootGuide IconTake the HootSuite dashboard with you wherever you go. HootSuite mobile is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Keitai. Whether you’re commuting, at an event or just away from your desk, HootSuite provides powerful mobile solutions – keeping you tapped in without being wired in.

Our free HootGuide – Social on the Go is next in a series of HootGuides released by HootSuite. Through this series, you will learn the ins and outs of the dashboard’s many features. This HootGuide is dedicated to showing you how to best use HootSuite’s mobile applications.

What’s Inside

HootGuide MobileFind out how to use HootSuite’s mobile tools to help your organization build an effective social media strategy, monitor brand engagement, and protect your data.
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To help make the most of your HootSuite mobile app, learn tips and tactics on how to set push notifications, customized search streams, scheduling messages and creating secure profiles.

This HootGuide includes the following mobile features:

  • Push Notifications for iPhone/iPad
  • Search Streams
  • Schedule Messages
  • Secure Profiles

Insights Into Success

This HootGuide is the sixth in the series dedicated to advanced HootSuite functionality. As we continue this series, you can expect additional HootGuides on the many features of HootSuite Enterprise for engagement, measurement, collaboration, and security.

Enterprise is HootSuite’s top tier plan, with the most advanced functionality, training and support available. Built for business, Enterprise allows organizations to become truly social.

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