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Grow Your Social Media Career With Hundreds of Free Education Videos

With 2.3 billion users worldwide—and 3 billion more coming online by 2018—social media is where your audience and customers are. In fact, it’s estimated that three-quarters of all consumers make buying decisions that are influenced by things they see and read on networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Businesses and marketers know they need to be on social to reach their audiences. But as Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes has said, there’s a digital skills gap that has left many in today’s workforce “woefully ill-equipped” to unlock the value of social media.

That’s why today we’re excited to announce the launch of our new, free social media education resource: Hootsuite Academy.

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This online education hub offers hundreds of free, on-demand videos, covering everything from social media marketing strategy to Hootsuite platform training. Hootsuite also delivers customized team training for large organizations.

“As a graphic designer I had brand tone down pat, but was lacking knowledge in social media strategy and planning,” says Malin Otmalm, social media content designer at Lululemon. “Hootsuite Academy was essential in getting me there.”

With Hootsuite Academy, today’s social pro will learn how to use social to drive business results, connect with customers, engage and recruit employees, and boost productivity.

So you might want to start with the Hootsuite Social Marketing program, which includes six individual courses that each take between 30 minutes and 1.5 hours to complete. For example, our course on Growing Your Online Community is composed of six exercises to cement your knowledge, four quizzes to test your skills, and 16 helpful how-to training videos to watch at your own pace.

Here’s one video that looks at how to efficiently engage your social media community:

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Once you’ve completed the program, you’ll be prepared to take the exam and earn your Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification. When you do, you’ll be listed the Hootsuite Academy Directory alongside thousands of other certified social media pros.

Why learn from us? As the world’s most widely-used platform for managing social media, we’ve been at the forefront of the social revolution from the beginning. Hootsuite Academy courses are created in partnership with an external advisory board of industry and subject matter experts who review, vet, and contribute to the content. We also work with leading brands such as the Mayo Clinic and academic institutions such as Syracuse University’s Newhouse School to offer our recognized, academic, and industry-specific social media certifications.

Hootsuite Academy gives you the training and certifications you need to grow your career.

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