Introducing the HootSuite Developer’s Blog

You probably know us as “that company with the fuzzy owl mascot.”

You probably don’t know that behind the cuddliness lies a deadly fighting force of dogged engineers. A force that prides itself not just on delivery, but on continuous improvement. Through our efforts to help our customers manage their social communication we’ve accomplished some amazing things and had some spectacular blow-outs. We’re happy to be able to share some of these experiences with you on our new development blog – to help our fellow developers learn, stimulate some discussion, and allow us to reflect and take pride in what we’ve built. After all, we enjoy it too.

Eric Puchmayr and Bill Monkman can also code like champions. Image by Greg “GWilli” Williams.

We started this blog to help keep our own team up to date, but also to show potential new hires what life is like, inside the nest and our code. In a recent post titled “Advice for Future HootDevs,” we had the team provide some advice and insight. Here’s a sample, from HootSuite Developer Toby Sullivan:

“How to learn way more than you expected in a weekend and end up with something to show for it:

  1. Choose a web app project, however simple, and figure out how to build it in 24 hours.
  2. Build it.
  3. Figure out how to host it on AWS (should be [almost] free under Free Tier).
  4. Integrate some third-party element like Stripe (should also be free).
  5. Figure out how to share it all on Github without exposing fancy secret keys and passwords.”

We hope you enjoy this look into how we Power the Owl.

Bill and Eric’s secret? Bullet Time. Image by GWilli

Want to work in HootSuite’s Dev department, or view any of the other open positions? Visit our careers page. If you don’t see the posting that’s perfect you, apply to the “Are you Awesome?” posting. If you’re awesome, we want to hear from you no matter what. 

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