New Feature! Update Multiple Profiles at Once

Ever wanted to post a status update to multiple Twitter profiles simultaneously?

Never fear, HootSuite users! With our new tweet box, you can do just that.

When you log in, you’ll see our nifty new tool, right at the top of the page:


See those profile thumbnails on the right? Select one, two, or all of them — your tweets can now be sent from multiple Twitter profiles at once!

The new tweet box also makes it super easy to send direct messages. Just create a new tweet that starts with ‘d username’ and it’ll be sent as a DM.

Multiple Account Update

Want to schedule a tweet for later? No prob. Click the “Send Later” link to choose when your update will be posted to Twitter.

We’ve also improved the ways links get added to your tweets. If you shrink a link, we’ll generate an link for you and place it right into the body of your tweet text. You can even add multiple links to a single tweet.

Have an link you want to send out from multiple Twitter profiles? No problem. When you send your tweet, we’ll generate a unique link for each of your Twitter profiles, so you can track clickthrough rates from each Twitter profile individually.

Are you a stats hound? If you add multiple links to a tweet, you can view each link’s stats individually on the Sent tab. Just click the “Stats” button on the tweet and you’ll see all the juicy details.

If the new tweet box is eating up too much of your screen real estate, you can minimize it at any time. Just click the arrow at the bottom of the box and it’ll roll up into the top of the page.

How’s that for tidy?

Enjoy the new tweet box. We hope it makes your Twitter life easier.