#HootTip: Transfer #HootSuite for #Android to Your SD Card

#Hootip for Mobile

Downloading HootSuite for mobile gives you the features and tools found in the HootSuite web dashboard and puts them into a pocket-sized tool which is custom made for a unique mobile experience. To help get you acquainted with the functionality, or just for a refresher, here’s a new #HootTip about a handy mobile HootSuite feature.

Transferring HootSuite to Your SD Card

HootSuite for Android is an amazing tool. It provides a nearly seamless transition between web and mobile, so managing your social networks in real time, from just about anywhere, is possible. This helps our Owls stay on the ball and lets them easily post and monitor updates across the web. With all this information coming at such a fast pace, you need your phone to be nimble and adaptable. To keep your phone as free as possible, we’ve updated HootSuite on Android to easily be transfered from your phone’s internal memory to your removable SD card.

Here’s How

  1. Go into “Settings” on your Android, and tap Applications.Select Applications Android
  2. Next, tap “Manage applications” to see a list of all the apps you’ve installed.Manage Applications Android
  3. Scroll down to HootSuite, and tap the HootSuite icon.Select HootSuite Android
  4. From this menu, press the “Move to SD card” button to quickly transfer HootSuite over!Move HootSuite to SD Card Android
  5. If the transfer is successful the “Move to SD card” button will change to “Move to phone”.Transfer Success Android HootSuite

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