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How B2B Brands Can Tap into the Power of Social

When social media joined the marketing scene over a decade ago, B2B brands were more reserved than their B2C counterparts.

But that has quickly changed. Today, 92 percent of B2B marketers use social media. LinkedIn has been dubbed the most effective B2B tool for social engagement. And with B2B brands like General Electric and American Express doing awesome social campaigns, there’s a new standard that’s been set. B2B brands can (and should) use social—and it doesn’t have to be serious or boring.

This significant shift in B2B marketing hasn’t come without its challenges. While most marketers surveyed in the B2B Benchmarking Report feel that social media is critical or very important, over 56 percent say their social media process is ad hoc. In a recent CMI Report , 65 percent of B2B marketers said they don’t have a documented content marketing strategy.

Tracking social data remains a big challenge for B2B brands

Tracking data on social media—and using it to drive business—remains one of the biggest challenges for B2B brands. In a survey by Regalix, only 29 percent of marketers could confidently measure the ROI of their social programs, and less than 30 percent were gathering demographic data. There’s a big opportunity for B2B brands to get more insights and measure the effectiveness of their social efforts.

Join us to learn how B2B brands can step up their social game

In our webinar, we discuss how B2B brands can gain insights from social media. Our presenters, Brandwatch’s Dinah Alobeid and Andrew Dalglish of Circle Research explore how more than 200 top B2B brands succeed at social—and get you up to speed on the latest B2B social marketing trends. Hootsuite’s Merinda Peppard also shares essential social marketing best practices from our work with global B2B brands.

Our webinar pulls out insights from two current studies—Brandwatch’s B2B Social Media Report and Circle Research’s Social Media Benchmarking Report 2015—to help you navigate the changing B2B marketing landscape and better understand how to use social to influence buying decisions.

How B2B Brands Can Tap Into the Power of Social

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How the B2B buying process has changed—and how social data can help you uncover new business opportunities

  • How to select social networks that will increase engagement

  • How to prove the value of social within your B2B organization

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