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How to Gain Executive Buy-In on the Importance of Social Media

According to McKinsey, enterprises who operationalize social are delivering on average 20 percent more revenue and 60 percent higher profit growth. So why is social media still siloed in marketing in so many businesses, rather than being implemented across all departments in a unified strategy? The issue is often one of executive buy-in, or lack of it.

Businesses are no longer questioning whether social media is impacting revenue and key business goals, yet many executives still question its impact on your bottom line. But to take full advantage of social media on an enterprise level, you need senior leadership to push social media practices organization-wide and become agents of change themselves.

To help you garner the top-level support your enterprise needs, Hootsuite has created a guide called Scaling Social Media: The Path to Social Media Starts With Executive Buy-In.

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This guide offers practical steps to attaining executive buy-in and turning your executive team into active social advocates instead of passive bystanders. In addition to looking at the current state of executive buy-in, the guide includes a tactical checklist for this first step in scaling social media throughout your organization. It covers how to:

  • Demonstrate the ROI of your current social media strategy
  • Align your social strategy to specific business objectives
  • Provide visibility to executives on your social media success and
  • Initiate executive-focused social media training

Get your executives on board with social media. Download our guide today.