Introducing Boards to the Enterprise — A Recap

Many of you joined us for “Guiding Your Business Strategy with Social Data”—a webinar where we shared how real-time social data can give you insight into key social intelligence to inform future business decisions.

Here are our top takeaways from the webinar:

Social can teach you about more than your own brand

Instead of looking to social data for an evaluation of how your brand is doing, whether your marketing campaign is a success, or how dedicated your customers are, marketers and others within the enterprise can use it to get information about what competitors are up to, too. Real business insights that can be gleaned by looking at what social is saying about competitors, how that conversation changes over time, and who’s doing the talking.


Having all the information in one place makes it easy to take action

A marketer running a social campaign (as we did with our #boardsintro hashtag) needs to track more than just the campaign hashtag. Having all the social data you need in one place makes it easy to see campaign metrics and overall brand health side by side—and be the first to know if things go viral!


Your C-Suite can use social data, too

We showcased two use cases straight from the C-Suite: one for a Chief Product Officer looking to see how his team’s technology was faring in popular opinion after a recent launch, and the other, a Head of Sales at a truck manufacturer. Neither of them include social media in their day-to-day responsibilities, but we learned how spending a few minutes with social data in a customized Board can arm them with important insights to inform their teams’ strategy in the future.


To learn more about how your company can incorporate social data from Boards across your entire organization, watch the full webinar now.