LinkedIn Introduces Two-Step Verification, Ramps up Visual Opportunities

LinkedIn Introduces Two-Step Verification
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LinkedIn has always been known as the “business social network.” That reputation was earned based on the extensive hiring and B2B opportunities presented by the website.

But LinkedIn has far more to offer companies. This week alone they’ve taken two major steps towards helping businesses secure this social asset, and better engage their following.

Two-Step Verification

On May 31st, LinkedIn announced a two-step verification to help its users protect their accounts. This new optional feature forces members who opt in to type in a numeric code — sent to their phone — the first time they log in from an unrecognized advice. This authentication system (which you can access now in your LinkedIn settings) means that hackers or anyone else trying to access your account would need your password AND your phone to do so, an extra layer of protection that should help put your boss at ease.

The news comes about one week after Twitter announced its own two-step authentication process in the wake of several high-profile hackings and account takeovers.

Adding Images, Presentations to Updates

On May 30th, only one day earlier, LinkedIn made an announcement of a different kind. Users and business will all soon have the ability to upload images, documents, and presentations to updates they share with their followers. This is a major step for a social network that had lagged behind in terms of visual appeal. Images should mean better click-through on company posts, and a more appealing home page for regular users.

The introduction of this feature comes at the tail end of a very visual month for LinkedIn, which also introduced new opportunities to visually enhance personal profiles earlier in May.

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