Loyal Fans, Timely Events and Powerful Positivity: How February’s Top Brands Created Social Love

Do you know if your brand is loved on social? True brand health is based on more than success in one social metric or sheer popularity—there is a big difference between Like and love. To find which brands seeing “love” on social, we went beyond fans and followers to focus on several different social metrics that showcase the reaction to brands across the social web. Using uberVU, Hootsuite’s listening and analytics solution, we’ve created The Love List, a collection of social data that ranks over 450 of the world’s biggest, most valuable brands.

Whether it was live-tweeting during the Grammy Awards or launching a new social campaign during the buzz of the Oscars, several of February’s Top 10 brands ran with the themes of the month, earning social “love” by successfully tapping into timely events in a relevant way. Positivity from loyal fans was also a huge factor in boosting several brands up in the Love List rankings, proving how big of a payoff active engagement with your social following can have.

Avon Cultivates a Loyal Fan Base to Earn Social “Love”

Avon took the number one spot in February, jumping up from its January ranking of 26. Avon representatives harness the power of social media to help them sell, which has helped create a big fan base for the brand. Beyond reaching out to target customers through its own social channels, Avon has done great work to enable Avon sellers to promote the brand’s products and sales. Fans helped spread the word for Avon in February, giving the brand a boost in the Love List rankings with mentions and the highest sentiment score this month! With sales reps running their own Avon businesses, it’s no wonder Avon’s social conversations are a buzzing example of word-of-mouth marketing success.

Top Influencer = Social Love for Starbucks

A clear fan favorite, Starbucks has performed consistently well in every month of our Love List rankings. This month, part of the brand’s success was due to a celebrity tweet and a clever brand response. Many people on social have discussed Taylor Swift’s hit “Blank Space,” insisting one lyric sounds like “Starbucks lovers.” The ever-social Swift (she has 53.7M Twitter follows and 23.2M Instagram followers!) got in on the joke on Valentine’s Day.

Starbucks was quick to respond. Combine a timely Valentine’s Day holiday reference, a celebrity post for extra influence, and a quick brand response? Starbucks certainly capitalized on three key social media success factors to see “love” in February.

The Media and Entertainment Industry Stays Engaged

Awards season took social by storm in February and several Media and Entertainment brands saw success with their engagement tactics around the Grammy and Academy Awards. From VH1 to BET, embracing brand-relevant and timely events kept this industry at the top of the Love List for the second month in a row.

Take a deep dive into how the top brands on February’s Love List tapped into relevant, timely events and collaborated with influencers to see more “love” on social in our upcoming webinar. We’ll cover key data trends and insights from The Love List rankings and highlight how you can emulate the success of top brands.

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Find out what top trends helped brands climb the rankings in the February’s Love List infographic.